Low GI + Low Calories = Weight Loss

Low GI + Low Calories = Weight Loss

The Glycaemic index has always been a great way to help control your blood sugar levels and stay healthy. But as far as weight loss goes, it is not perfect as it simply tells you what food to stay away from. It basically comes down to decreasing carbohydrates in your diet, by eating less of things like white bread, white rice, cookies and sweets.

Whilst a low GI diet is an excellent way to avoid things like diabetes or heart disease, it has to be slightly modified in order to be used as a proper weight loss tool. This can be done by staying within your daily calorie allowance, while eating low GI foods.

To ensure that you don’t go over your daily calorie limit, keep track of everything you eat – and I mean everything! Often we eat something that we regard as insignificant to our calorie intake, but it might be jam-packed with calories; take a can of cola for instance.

This is why we developed the Manna Diet, because it is low in GI but also low in carbohydrates.

To top it all, if you use the Manna Blood Sugar Support supplement with each low carbohydrate meal, it will help you to stay satisfied for longer, but it will also help to control cravings and appetite for fast and healthy weight loss.

You can also use the Manna Low GI Shakes as a healthy meal replacement. This shake can also help to control appetite and reduce the daily calorie intake for effective weight loss.

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