Manage Your Insulin for Better Weight Loss

Manage Your Insulin for Better Weight Loss

Weight-loss can be made much more difficult if your insulin is not managed properly.

Too much fat interferes with your body’s ability to use insulin properly. This can lead to insulin resistance and type-2 diabetes. You can manage the production of insulin in your body by carefully watching your glucose intake. If you have too much insulin in the body, you cannot lose weight, thus it is critical for weight-loss to balance your blood sugar and insulin levels.

Excess Insulin and Weight Gain

A good example of weight gain due to insulin is when people with diabetes use insulin injections. They usually see some weight gain when they start using insulin, and this is because excess insulin in the body makes the cells store more fat.

Controlling Insulin

Insulin is released by the pancreas in response to glucose that we consume through food and drinks. Carbohydrates have more effect on the insulin levels than other types of food, and can cause big spikes in the blood sugar and insulin levels.

To keep insulin levels in check, you need to keep the blood sugar levels stable, which means carefully watching what you eat and avoiding carbohydrates as far as possible.

Rather eat high-fiber foods, protein and fat. These help slow digestion and stabilize glucose levels.

If your food digests slowly, blood sugar levels remain steady and your body won’t overproduce insulin.

Low-Carb Weight Loss and Insulin Control

Since sugar and carbs have the most immediate effect on glucose production, low-carb diets can be very helpful for weight loss. When carbohydrates are limited, protein and fat intake tend to be higher to compensate for missing calories.

Losing weight is a matter of burning more calories than you eat. You might eat fewer calories when glucose and insulin levels are stable because without high blood sugar, you don’t often suffer from low blood sugar, which can trigger sugar cravings and a desire to overeat.

Curb cravings the natural way and lose weight

Take 2 Manna Blood Sugar Support caplets with each meal to curb sugar and food cravings by stabilizing your blood sugar levels. When you feel fuller for longer, you tend to eat less and that is why it will help you to lose weight, because you use more energy than what you take in. For a healthy weight loss plan, follow the Manna Diet, which also will help you to stay fuller for longer.


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