Menopausal Aches and Pains

Menopausal Aches and Pains

Just when you thought that your menopausal problems will end after hot flashes, night sweats, weight gain, and mood swings, you find out that muscle and joint pains become a daily struggle!

More than half of women who suffer from menopause experience joint stiffness, muscle pain, and general discomfort.

Menopausal aches and pains can be caused by various factors, but may also lead to various other issues. Here are some important things to take not of in order to minimize the aches and pains:

Protective Effects of Estrogen –

Estrogen helps protect the cartilage in the body, which is the padding between the bones and joints. Estrogen does this as it has great anti-inflammatory properties. Thus joint pains might become prominent during menopause, as the decrease in estrogen levels will leave the cartilage unprotected against inflammation.

Sleep Disorders –

Having trouble sleeping is never fun, but when you have to deal with uncomfortable menopause symptoms this might become even more of an issue. Not only do menopause symptoms like hot flashes and night sweats cause sleeplessness; the sleeplessness caused by it may lead to increased aches and pains. A vicious cycle indeed!

Dietary Adaptations –

In order to treat these aches and pain, some steps need to be taken. The first step is the getting your diet in order.

It is recommended that your diet be altered by decreasing your red meat, sugar, dairy, and saturated fats consumption. Eat plenty of fresh leafy greens, and make sure to drink enough water.

Exercise –

Sufficient exercise is a vital part of treating menopause. You might not feel like going for a 5km run with all of the menopause symptoms dragging you down, but even going for a walk around your neighborhood can do you the world of good. Just getting your blood flowing and joints moving can make you feel a lot better.

Some of the best exercises to do during menopause include: Yoga, stretching, swimming, cycling, aerobics, and walking.

Supplements –

Even with the right diet like the Manna Diet you may still like menopause is bringing you down. A healthy, natural supplement can help give you that boost you need to get back up!

Try the Manna Menopause Support supplement which not only contains Wild Yam, but it also contains other phyto-estrogens (plant derived estrogens) to help increase estrogen the natural way to help alleviate some of the menopausal symptoms.

Menopause Support

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