Menopausal Belly Fat

Menopausal Belly Fat

It has been known for quite a while that during menopause, weight gain seems to shift away from the thighs and hips, and start collecting around the waist.

Recent studies have found out why exactly this happens:

Due to the decrease of estrogen in the body, certain proteins are affected so that they store more fat and also slow down the fat burning function in the body.

However, studies are still being done in order to figure out how we can battle this issue and lessen its effect. The good thing is that at least now women know why this happens, and that it is completely natural to gain a bit of weight around their belly during menopause.

But do not get too comfortable with it! This should not be used as an excuse to stop eating healthy and working out, as when it gets out of hand it can have some severe danger to your health.


As the study indicated that a drop in estrogen levels is the cause of the sudden belly flab, take the Manna Menopause Support tablets, with phyto-estrogens (plant derived estrogens), to boost your estrogen level the natural way and counteract the cause of the problem.

You can also make a change in your diet, by reducing carbohydrates and sugar, sugary drinks, fruit juices and alcohol for effective, healthy weight loss.

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