Menopausal Bloating

Menopausal Bloating

Menopausal bloating can be real pain-in-the-intestines! This is because it is due to intestinal gas and fluid retention, which is cause by hormone imbalances. However, bloating is nothing new for most women, as it is a symptom often experienced during PMS as well.

Causes of Bloating –

While there are many reasons for bloating, the most likely cause during menopause is fluctuating hormones. The main culprit in this is estorgen, which is the female sex hormone. Estrogen can cause increased water retention, thus it makes sense that bloating occurs during PMS and menopause, as estrogen levels are higher then. On top of that, estrogen affects bile production, which is a substance stored in the gallbladder that helps with digestion.

Bile is used as an lubricant in the intestines, thus when estrogen levels start fluctuating and become low, bile is not produced and it can cause blockages in the intestines and constipation.

Treatment for bloating –

To start off, some simple lifestyle changes can make a huge difference. These include easy diet adaptations, like cutting out dairy products, sodium and foods that trigger intestinal gas such as onion, beans and sugary snacks.

Increase estrogen levels in a natural way, like taking a product such as the Manna Menopause Support. If your bloating is due to damaged gut health, you can take the Manna GUT Support to reinstate to healthy bacteria and digestive enzymes to stop the problem.

Menopause Support

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