Menopausal Bone Loss

Menopausal Bone Loss

Menopause can bring with it a variety of different issues, one of the biggest being bone loss. This is due to the fluctuations of the female hormones, like estrogen, which women will experience. Traditional medicines are not really covering this problem area as they should, but luckily there are a few natural remedies that can help prevent or limit menopausal bone loss.

Most natural remedies make use of plant-based estrogens known as isoflavones, and include things like miso, natto and tempeh.

These help with replacing some of the lost hormones, and are also helpful in treating various other menopausal symptoms as it tackles the root of the problem.


The Manna Menopause Support supplement was formulated with the best phyto-estrogens available to help increase estrogen levels in the most natural way possible. Take this supplement each day to help reduce menopausal symptoms.

Menopause Support

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