How to Stop Sugar Cravings and Prevent Menopausal Weight Gain

Menopausal Cravings and Weight Gain

Menopause can be a tough time with hot flashes and raging hormones, and to kick you when you are down, your cravings go crazy and it causes you to pick up weight in the process!

What exactly causes you to crave everything you shouldn’t be eating?

This is caused in a big way by your body releasing more cortisone. This triggers an adrenaline rush, causing your body to use up more energy than normal. This is why you usually crave sugar, as your body looks to find a quick way to get back its lost energy and fast releasing sugary foods are the best way to do this.

Want to kick the sugar habit? Here are 9 steps to make it easy…

So how do I stop myself from indulging in a box of chocolates?

Eat less, more often –

Break up your 3 big meals a day, into 6 small ones. This helps decrease the time between meals, and lessens the risk of cravings. Not all 6 meals will necessarily be full meals, but might just be some healthy snacks between the bigger meals.

Meal Planning/prepping –

To take things further, pre-plan your meals for the day so that you already have an idea of the calories that you will be taking in. One of the best ways to ensure that you stick to your planned meals is to prep all the food for the next day and to divide it into the correct portions. You can then put your meals into separate Tupperware containers which make it easy to store and convenient to take along when you are on the move.

It is also a fantastic way to know when you can sneak in a small sweet-treat!

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A Good Diet –

To really get in control of your cravings, try to follow the Manna Diet as given in the free e-book. This diet was designed to help control sugar cravings and to lose weight.

A healthy, natural supplement –

Take 2 caplets of the Manna Blood Sugar Support supplement with each meal, to suppress appetite and to control your blood sugar levels, which will help to curb sugar and food cravings. Boost your estrogen levels to counteract menopausal hormone fluctuations. The Manna Menopause Supplement is formulated with the best phyto-estrogen (plant derived estrogens) to help boost estrogen levels in the most natural way without any side effects.


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