Menopause-Myths on Weight Gain and Age

Menopause-Myths on Weight Gain and Age

Myth 1: “I won’t gain weight during menopause if I starve myself.”

Almost all women gain weight during menopause, but what these women usually don’t know is that because of the changes in hormones, many of their old dieting tricks won’t work anymore.

During menopause, if you eat too little or don’t eat at all, you are at higher risk of actually gaining weight, instead of losing weight. This is because the “starvation” causes the metabolism to slow down in order to get maximum benefit from the food it receives.

The best way to combat this is by eating small, balanced meals or snacks every 2-3 hours in order to keep your metabolism going and your body energized.

Myth 2:  “High intensity exercise will get rid of menopausal fat quicker.”

Once again, menopause changes the working of your body, so while it does feel great to get up and go through a hardcore training routine, spinning classes, boot camps and Zumba aren’t the answer for quick weight loss.

The reason for this is that these types of exercises help you burn sugars quickly, but not fat. IN order to get rid of that menopausal muffin top, you should rather opt for a medium paced walk or cycle ride. About 45 minutes of well-paced, constant cardio exercise is the way to trimming that excess fat.

Myth 3: “Menopause is starting earlier these days.”

Well, no. Usually everything menopause related is due to hormones, but this one is due to genetics and you will probably go through menopause at round about the same age as your mom. Sorry about that.

Myth 4: “I’ll never get my body back after menopause.”

Menopause can take a big toll on a woman’s body with all the weight gain, hair loss, skin irritation, and all the other things that hormone imbalances do to us.

Well, luckily there is a way to help you get your pre-menopause body back! The trick is in understanding how the metabolic systems work, then using it to your advantage.

By ensuring that you eat the right amounts of carbs, protein and fat and by keeping up a good fat-burning exercise routine, you can manage your blood sugar and burn some calories along the way.

The key is to start before menopause strikes, and then keeping it up. The sooner you start enforcing good habits, the better!

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