Menopause: When Should You Reach It?

Menopause: When Should You Reach It?

There are numerous factors linked to the answer of this question, but we will simply look at the 5 most important ones to help give you an idea of when you should be expecting the “Big Change”.

1. When did Your Mother Reach Menopause:

The biggest indicator of when you are likely to reach menopause is the age at which your mother reached it. Menopause has a very big hereditary part to it, thus the best way to tell when you might be going into that phase is to give your mom a call.

2. Smoking:

Smoking is the most dangerous lifestyle factor when it comes to your ovaries. If you are smoker the chances are that you will go into menopause much sooner than you would if you did not smoke.

3. Chemotherapy:

Chemotherapy can have a severely negative impact on the ovaries, even causing a temporary menopause-like stage. Usually periods return to normal after a while, but in some case they don’t. But even then, you will most probably still go through regular menopause later on in life, but sooner than you would have without chemotherapy.

4. Ovarian surgery:

Surgery can damage the tissue within the ovaries. It is much better to use alternative methods like hormone suppression to treat the issue.

5. Ethnicity:

Although this is not such an accurate factor, it does play a role when we look at the averages. On average, Chinese and Japanese women tend to enter menopause much later in life compared to other ethnic groups.

Menopause generally begins when estrogen levels start to drop with age. The best alternative way to increase estrogen levels without side effects is to take a natural supplement like the Manna Menopause Support with plant based estrogens called phyto-estrogens.

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