Modern Lifestyle vs. Our Gut

Modern Lifestyle vs. Our Gut

These days there is so much added sugar, refined carbohydrates and other disgusting additives used in the food we eat. The problem is that our bodies weren’t designed to handle all these preservatives and sugars, and they end up harming the good bacteria that lives in our gut to make sure we stay healthy.

These bacteria help regulate many functions in the body, including metabolism and weight control. They are in a constant battle with what we put in our body, and it does not end with food, it even includes medications like:

  • Antibiotics
  • Birth control pills
  • Low fibre diets

Furthermore, gut problems can be caused by other factors in our high-paced lives like:

  • Chronic stress
  • Chronic infections
  • Being inactive

How to maintain and restore healthy bacteria in your gut:

It has become clear to see why it is so important to maintain your gut in order to ensure that healthy bacteria can flourish, but how do we do this?

  • Get rid of any food toxins found in your diet
  • Eat enough fermentable fibbers
  • Take steps to manage your stress (Breathing and relaxation exercises)
  • Get plenty of physical exercise
  • Follow the very easy Manna Diet

Take a Probiotic, Digestive enzyme blend, like the Manna GUT Support

Gut Support

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