15 Benefits of Regular Exercise

15 Benefits of Regular Exercise

“Those who do not find time for exercise will have to find time for illness.”

You can try and run away from the fact all you want, but it has been shown over and over again that exercise is vital to achieve optimal health.

A lifestyle without exercise is a lifestyle that can easily lead to all kinds of health issues like diabetes, obesity, insulin resistance, and even a decline in the brain healthy.

How Does Exercise Protect Your Brain?

Exercise helps the brain to function at a much higher capacity as it causes the nerve cells to multiply, which strengthens the interconnections and helps protect them from damage.

Exercise provides protective effects to your brain by:

  • Producing nerve-protecting compounds
  • Increased blood flow to your brain
  • Improved development and survival of neurons
  • Decreased risk of heart and blood vessel diseases

A good exercise program can also slow down the development of Alzheimer’s disease by altering the way damaging proteins reside in your brain.

Is Staying Motivated an Issue for You?

Most people complain that they do not have time for exercise, but the truth is that they are not willing to rearrange and prioritize their schedule in order to fit in a quick workout each day.

Exercise is so much more than a way to lose weight, it can also help you:

  1. Improve your brainpower
  2. Lower your blood pressure
  3. Prevent or battle a cold
  4. Manage arthritis
  5. Lower your risk of heart disease
  6. Cure insomnia
  7. Fight depression
  8. Lower your risk of diabetes and reverse pre-diabetes
  9. Build strong bones
  10. Lose weight
  11. Reduce your risk of cancer
  12. Boost your IQ and think better
  13. Relieve chronic knee pain
  14. Increase your energy levels
  15. Slow down your aging process


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