Poor Blood Circulation and Erectile Dysfunction

Poor Blood Circulation and Erectile Dysfunction

Blood circulation problems can lead to a vast array of other health issues. For men, one of the worst is erectile dysfunction, or ED. Problems with blood circulation are most often due to lack of exercise, which are quite common in today’s busy business world where a lot of time is spent sitting behind a desk.

Symptoms of poor blood circulation are usually seen in the lower limbs, where the blood has difficulty travelling back up to the heart.

Most of the time, the symptoms of circulation problems are present in the lower extremities. This is because the blood circulating in this area already has a challenging task to get back up to the heart.

Unfortunately for men this can mean issues in more than their legs!

A few simple lifestyle changes and home remedies can help you improve blood circulation:

  • Weight loss is always good place to start, with a healthy diet and good exercise routine.
  • If you are a smoker, kicking the habit is a great way to get your blood circulation up.
  • Dietary supplements can help to improve circulation, as well as erectile dysfunction.

Using these 2 supplements in conjunction, one should experience excellent results.


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