Reversing Type 2 Diabetes

Reversing Type 2 Diabetes

Many people suffering from type 2 diabetes think that they are stuck with it for life. However, by adapting your lifestyle you are able to reverse it! But this doesn’t mean you should wait until you are diagnosed with it, because as always – prevention is better than cure!

Firstly we should look at what diabetes is and how it is caused. To put it simply, diabetes is when the body does not create enough insulin to keep blood sugar levels within a healthy range. Although diabetes has always been an ailment that affects people when they are about 30-40 years old, it is becoming more and more of a trend amongst people as young as in their teens.

This is mostly due to our food containing loads of refined sugars and unhealthy ingredients, accompanied by increasingly inactive lifestyles of the youth.

Often people have developed type 2 diabetes without even realizing it, as they get so used to some of the symptoms that they think it is normal. Symptoms to look out for include:

  • Feeling tired and down on energy
  • Constantly being hungry and/or thirsty
  • Having to visit the bathroom the whole time
  • Getting hard-to-heal infections frequently
  • Poor eyesight or blurry vision

If there have been other cases of type 2 diabetes in your family history, you might have a bigger chance of developing it yourself.

To go about treating type 2 diabetes, a few lifestyle changes have to be made and have to be applied with dedication and discipline.

Eat right –

A Low GI and Low carbohydrate diet should be followed in order to prevent the blood sugar levels from spiking.

Get up and active –

Along with eating right, some daily intensive exercise is needed. And don’t say that you can’t find the time for it, because you only need to do about 20-30 minutes per day.

Combining the right diet and exercise will help you lose weight, which will further enhance the treatment of type 2 diabetes. Finally, you should make sure you get enough quality sleep.

For more information about diet and exercise, take a look at the Manna Diabetes e-book.

For the best results we recommend that you use a good, natural supplement to help manage your blood sugar levels. The Manna Blood Sugar Support supplement can be taken in conjunction with any diabetic medication, but you need to monitor your blood sugar levels, because it can drop too low, because this Manna product reduces the Glycemic Index (GI) of any food you eat by up to 43% and therefore help to prevent blood sugar levels from rising too high. Also use the Manna Shake as a meal replacement. The shake can help to suppress hunger and eliminate food cravings while controlling blood sugar levels.

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