Signs of Insulin Resistance That Men Should Look Out For

Signs Insulin Resistance That Men Should Look Out For

Insulin resistance is a condition where the pancreas does not make sufficient amounts of insulin, or the insulin it produces does not work properly. Since insulin is the hormone that controls our blood sugar levels, it can have a devastating effect on our health if it does not work as it should. Problems that go hand-in-hand with insulin resistance are high blood sugar levels, obesity, and diabetes.

Insulin resistance usually develops due to leading an unhealthy lifestyle, and being inactive.

Insulin resistance among men is on the rise, so there are certain symptoms and signs that you should be in the lookout for. These include:

Dark Skin Patches –

Referred to as “acanthosis nigricans”, these dark skin patches often form in the armpits, elbows, knees, armpits, groin, knuckles and the back of the neck. These patches usually have a “velvety” feel to them.

Skin Tags –

Skin tags can be found in the same spots as acanthosis nigricans, but look a bit different. Skin tags are small, non-cancerous bumps that can range in size from that of a pimple to that of a marble. They are typically the same color as the skin, but might sometimes be a little bit darker.

Increased Waist Size –

Since weight-gain is commonly associated with insulin resistance, experts say that you should be weary of your waistline going over 40 inches.

Acne –

If it has been quite some time since you went through puberty with a face full of pimples, a sudden acne flare-up can be a good indicator of insulin resistance. It may also form on the chest, back, and neck.

Fatigue –

If you feel tired throughout the entire day for no apparent reason, and have trouble sleeping at night, it may very well be a sign of the development of insulin resistance.

Mood Swings –

Mood swings and depression are some of the most common emotional signs of insulin resistance, and are often overlooked.

Change in Appetite –

Cravings for sweets and junk food may increase with insulin resistance, which may often be accompanied by extreme thirst.

Sleep Apnea –

Studies have found a strong link between insulin resistance and sleep apnea in men. The exact cause or reason is not yet known, but the fact remains that a man with insulin resistance is much more likely to suffer from sleep apnea than a man without insulin resistance.

Sexual Impotence –

Erectile dysfunction can be a big and embarrassing problem among men with insulin resistance. This, in turn, can lead to other symptoms such as depression and other emotional issues.


Effective weight management, daily exercise, regular physical examinations, a proper diet and a healthy lifestyle can all help decrease the negative impact of insulin resistance in men. We recommend following the Manna Diet and taking the Manna Blood Sugar Support to reduce high insulin levels.

As insulin resistance and digestive health are linked, we strongly recommend taking the Manna GUT Support supplement each day to reinstate healthy bacteria and essential digestive enzymes to assist the digestive tract.

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