Six common foods that raise your blood sugar levels


Affecting millions of people, diabetes is the world’s fastest growing chronic disease with two people developing the disease every 10 seconds.

Although most people think they know what foods are high in sugar, there are some foods which contain glucose and you might not know it.

Everyone associated chocolate, cool drinks, Ice cream and lollies with sugary danger foods when talking about diabetes, however the below foods are equally as risky and will cause a spike in your blood sugar.

  1. White Rice/Pasta/Bread

Food made from refined white flour is easily digestible starch and which will raise your blood sugar level, instead it’s best to opt for brown versions.

  1. Chinese Food

Dishes that are high-calorie, high fat, high-sodium, and high-carb can spike blood sugar dramatically.

Dishes to avoid include fried entrees, orange chicken, sweet and sour dishes and anything served with a sugary sauce.

If you are craving Chinese, prepare something at home using steamed veggies and low-sodium, low-fat condiments and flavorings.

  1. Potatoes

They might be a vegetable but they are far from healthy, potatoes are notorious for increasing blood sugar because they’re digested into the bloodstream quickly.

A healthier option is to swap potatoes for sweet potatoes.

  1. Energy Bars

Although energy bars can seem like a healthy snack it is important to read the label!

Energy bars are often made from refined flours and sugars and can have a

higher sugar content than a Mars Bar!

Choose bars that are made with nuts, whole grains and fewer natural sweeteners.

  1. Bananas and Melons

Although seen as a healthy choice, not all fruits are created equal.

Fruits such as banana, grape, pineapple, stone fruit and melons are all high in sugar.

Apples, blueberries and other berries are the better option with less sugar content.

  1. Fruit Juice & Smoothies

Although often marketed as healthy, these types of drinks can have just as much, if not more sugar than a soda. Make your own smoothie so you know exactly what is in it, reach for low-sugar fruits or vegetables like kale and spinach.


To control your blood sugar level is probably the most important health issue if you want to prevent diabetic complications and for non-diabetics to control appetite and cravings. We therefore recommend the Manna Diet, regular exercise and the Manna Blood Sugar Support with each meal to have controlled blood sugar levels most of the time. Even if you eat some of the above mentioned foods, taking the Manna Blood Sugar Support supplement with these foods can help to prevent sugar spikes.

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  1. L uvo Magazi says

    The understanding I get is simple that there is no type of anything eaten that is totally healthy. If that is correct, then the talking we are doing does not change anything.