Six Simple Steps for Dealing with Exam Stress

Six Simple Steps for Dealing with Exam Stress

Exams are coming up soon – whether yours or that of your children – and tension might be running a bit high.

Exam stress is something we’ve all experienced at some point in our life. The pressure of getting through all of the prescribed work, then having to actually remember it all, and on top of that you have to recall and write down that information in no more than a couple of hours!

The good news is that there are ways to handle exam stress and get the focus back on your work.

The first step to successful stress management during exam time is planning.

Decide how much time you are going to need to get through all your work and then plan for more than that. It is better to be done studying before you planned on it, than having to pull an all-nighter right before an exam. You should space out your time table so that you can include enough breaks and days off between subjects.

The second step is taking off some of the pressure by setting realistic, achievable goals for yourself. If you feel that somebody else is putting too much pressure on you, talk to them about it. Always remember that it is your own future that you are working on, not theirs.

The third step creating a study group, or finding a study buddy. Studying alone is often very tedious, but when you study together with somebody else it can become fun, you can motivate each other, and also help each other with difficult work.  

The fourth step is to go easy on the study-juices. These include coffee, energy drinks, soft drinks, and even some prescribed meds. When you do not have enough time to study, you often feel the need to use some of these in order to cram right through the night. The problem is that these are all just a short term fix, and will just make you feel more tired and out of it when the time comes to write the exam.

The fifth step is the correct diet, sufficient exercise and enough sleep. Eat extra healthy and include loads of brain-food during exam time, whilst eliminating the bad stuff like refined carbs and sugar. You should get some fresh air and exercise on a daily basis, even if it is just a 15 minute power walk. It goes without saying that you should be well rested for the exam.

The sixth step is not being afraid to ask for help. Whether it is from your teacher, parents, or friends – ask help if you need it.

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