Sugar Cravings and Menopausal Weight Gain

Sugar Cravings and Menopausal Weight Gain

Menopause can be a difficult thing even at the best of times with raging hormones, hot flashes, night sweats and then to top it all off, sugar cravings! It is natural to crave sugar even, since this is often our first choice when we seek comfort food. However, too much sugar can make your menopausal symptoms much worse.

The reason for sugar cravings during menopause can be traced to stress. Stress is caused when the body releases the stress hormone called cortisone, which triggers an adrenaline rush which causes the body to use a lot more energy as it is in “fight or flight” mode. This is why you crave sugar in particular, as the body knows this is the quickest way to get a quick energy boost.

The downside is that sugar will then cause your blood sugar level to shoot up high, and then drop down low very quickly. It is quite obvious that this then leads to a vicious cycle, leaving you constantly craving sugar.

The best way to avoid this catastrophe is by splitting your 3 balanced meals per day into 5 or 6 smaller ones. This means that you can maintain more stable levels of energy as you are gaining energy from healthy sources throughout the day.

Recommendation for Fighting Sugar Cravings

A great way to make sure that you are prepared for the awaiting sugar cravings is by pre-packing your meals and snacks. Not only does this help you stay away from a quick trip to the drive through when you feel the need for a snack, but it can also help you manage your calories better if you are trying to watch your weight. Try to follow the Manna Diet as given in the free e-book. This diet was designed to help control sugar cravings and to lose weight.

Supplement to curb cravings

Take 2 caplets of the Manna Blood Sugar Support supplement with each meal, to suppress appetite and to control your blood sugar levels, which will help to curb sugar and food cravings. Boost your estrogen levels to counteract menopausal hormone fluctuations. The Manna Menopause Supplement is formulated with the best phyto-estrogen (plant derived estrogens) to help boost estrogen levels in the most natural way without any side effects.

If you have uncontrollable sugar cravings, you might have a flora (bacteria) imbalance in your digestive system. There we also recommend the Manna GUT Support to help reinstate healthy flora (bacteria).

Menopause Support

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