How Sugary Drinks Can Increase Diabetes Danger

Sugary Beverages

We all know that a lack of exercise, obesity, and a family history of the disease increases the risk of diabetes, but what are we missing?

Well, the main culprit and often the root cause of some other causes is our diet. The internet is littered with articles about what foods you should and should not eat in order to lower the risk of diabetes, but there is one thing that many people often overlook… sugary drinks.

This is the same situation as when people are trying to lose weight. They are so careful of what they eat, that they usually neglect to see what lies within their drinks. A can of cool drink or a bottle of “fruit” juice can contain an immense amount of calories, without offering you any substance or real benefit. This is why they are often referred to as empty calories.

The sad truth is that many of these calories come from the high amounts of sugar in these drinks, which can be a big cause of an increased risk for diabetes.

What about ‘Diet’ Drinks?

In an attempt to rid cool drinks of their high sugar content, beverage companies have created “diet” drinks which do not contain actual sugar, but instead are sweetened using no- or low-calorie sweeteners.

In theory this is a great idea, but unfortunately it does not work as well as they would have hoped. Various studies have shown that these sweeteners, usually saccharin and aspartame, affect the body in the same way as regular sugar an high fructose corn syrup.

In some studies they have found that the cases of diabetes and obesity were even higher with these sweeteners than with regular sugar.

It seems that the results show that there are no real benefits of choosing diet drinks above normal drinks, as they may cause just as many problems. It is important to note that when a drink has this type of effect on the body and its sugar levels, it can easily lead to other serious issues like heart disease and stroke.

The severity of the evidence is clear enough at this point that advertising artificially sweetened foods and beverages using the word “diet” is grossly misleading.



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