Super Shake for Effective Weight Loss

Super Shake for Effective Weight Loss

If you are on a meal plan where you eat 5 or 6 smaller meals each day, making food can become a bit of a hassle. A good tactic would be meal prep, but this also comes with complications as you don’t always have a microwave handy or don’t want to spend time cooking for 3 days in advance.

The best solution for this is a healthy, wholesome meal replacement shake. When choosing a shake, you have to pay close attention to things like sugar content, fiber content and wheter or not the ingredients are natural. The Manna Low GI Shake can be regarded as a Super Shake, because it contains more natural ingredients than any other shake on the market. Also, no other shake can make you feel as full as the Manna Shake, helping to control cravings, appetite and blood sugar levels.

Note: It is not advisable to replace more than 2 of your 5 or 6 meals with protein shakes.

Low GI Shake

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  1. Christa Steyn says

    Hi there, just want to say, this is the truth. No other shake has EVER made me feel satisfied and full like Manna Shake does. You really have a winning product here. It aids in weight loss as well and I have lost 15kg by eating a healthy breakfast, Manna Shake in the afternoon and cooking a LOW GI meal from the Eat for sustained energy books in the evening. I snack on low fat biltong, nuts or fruit just when I REALLY need to. Thank you for this wonderful product!!!