Symptoms of Male “Menopause”

Symptoms of Male “Menopause”

“Menopause” might seem a bit odd in this sense, as it is usually something that only happens to women, right? Well the truth is; men go through a similar dilemma at some point in their life. Does the term “midlife crisis” ring a bell? What happens here is that the testosterone levels begin to drop, and so do some of the features that get you labeled as a man.

You can start seeing some physical symptoms like weight gain, hair loss, and a significant decrease in muscle mass. And I don’t even have to mention erectile dysfunction!

There are also several mental symptoms like the inability to concentrate for long periods of time, or feeling less motivated in general. There are also things like depression that might be more linked to the negative physical symptoms.

Some behavioral symptoms can also be seen, where men might be more indecisive than they used to be or they might become more moody.


The first thing is to start by eating well balanced meals and cut our junk food and alcohol. It is also useful to add onto this by working out more, and adding in plenty of weight training.

For the best results you should include a natural testosterone booster in your efforts. We personally recommend the Manna Andropause, as it was formulated to help increase testosterone and alleviate male menopausal symptoms in the most natural way.


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