Testimonial: How I Lost 33kg

Before and After: Tony Finch

This has taken me a long time to start, but I decided to share my experience and results with you.

In 2013 I had a little problem with 3 clots in my lower left leg, I was taken to the doctor who in turn booked me into hospital immediately and operated the following day. A dietician came to see and gave me a diet and to follow up and see her for further visits. I weighed 129 kgs.

This is just a little background to my lifestyle at the time, my wife Christina also got ill and was sent to the doctor from work apart from other problems she was diagnosed with High Blood Sugar. She was handed a big bag of chemicals to solve the problem.

This lead me to Google for something organic and in South Africa, and I found Manna Producs, We were so happy we shot off to our local DisChem shop and purchased Blood Sugar Support. It worked wonders in no time for her and brought her blood sugar down to normal.

I then downloaded the free e-book for the eating program and combined my blood group which is “O” group, which I follow quite strictly (no combining starches with proteins). I did the 7 day detox followed by a course on the “Low GI Meal” Supplement. I used it for breakfast and lunch and ate supper (a portion of meat the size of my palm and potion of vegetables or salad, I bought a smaller plate so that my plate would not look empty). I drank 8 glasses of alkaline water that I mixed a ¼ to ½ teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda with 3 lts of water. I only drank 1 – 2 cups of Rooibos tea (no sugar and no milk)most times I added ginger root slices.

I then started drinking “Blood Sugar Support” and after 10 months had lost 33 kgs of weight.

Receiving the Manna Products newsletter and reading all of the them and applying it into my life has helped me to have a lot healthier lifestyle (I can now fasten my shoes laces without being out of breath, run up a flight of steps, reduced my blood pressure and gout, I have reduced my asthma (which is caused by a gut that’s not healthy).

I promote Manna products to everyone I see and have such a big interest in the product and I’m living proof of what can be achieved.

Thank you Manna Products I will keep on promoting and speaking to everyone I come across.

Yours in health,

Tony Finch

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  1. Judy Dalais says

    Awesome results!!! – Cheers to your good health and longetivity. Its comes with discipline. You now put me up to the challenge.

  2. Renu says

    Hi Mr Finch
    congratulations !!! I was totally moved by your
    experience.I admire your diligence and tenacity for
    wanting to change your lifestyle.
    You are certainly an inspiration…..

  3. Maryna says

    This is an inspiring story and gives hope to us who have given up on the weight loss challenge. Personally, I lack the motivation and courage to pull through, hopefully this will be my success story one day.