The Affect of Stress on Weight Loss

The Affect of Stress on Weight Loss

Stress is a rather common occurrence these days, and can be a result of anything from work, to relationships, and finances. This can lead to certain chemical reactions in the body that make us pick up weight – not to mention that when we are stressed exercise and diet are the last things on our mind!

Stress and Chemical Reactions

The basic chemical reaction is a sudden release of elements like glucose, cortisol (Stress hormone), and adrenaline. This is due to a primal instinct known as “fight or flight” where when we are put under a stressful situation, our bodies make sure that we are on our toes and have enough energy for either fighting against the danger or running away from it.

The problem with this is that we have lots of extra glucose in the blood stream that we usually don’t use. And when glucose is not used, they get stored in the body’s cells as fat.

The stress hormone – cortisol – that also gets released causes the metabolism to slow down, making it even harder to lose weight when we are stressed-out. This can leave us with symptoms like high blood pressure, high blood sugar levels, and constant fatigue.

Stress and Food Cravings

Stress can sometimes be a contributor to food cravings, because when the effects of the cortisol wear off it can increase our appetite, leaving us craving sugar and all things sweet. If we give in to these cravings, it can be marked as another way that stress causes us to gain weight.

Preventing Stress

Diet –

The first step in tackling your stress is making sure that you eat right. Following a healthy, balanced diet can help keep you feeling good and may help you maintain your goal weight. For an easy-to-follow, healthy diet; check out the Manna Diet.

Exercise –

It is recommended that you exercise for at least 30 minutes, 3 times per week. Whether you go to the gym, go cycling, or simply take a walk around the neighborhood – any exercise helps!

Relaxation –

It might be easier said than done, but you need to relax. You can do anything that helps you relax, may it be a hobby, a sport, meditation, or deep breathing techniques.

Supplement against Food Cravings and Stress

High stress levels can cause damage to the good bacteria in your gut. This along with other high-stress problems like high blood sugar levels and feeling unsettled may be managed by using the right supplements.

The supplement combination to help is: Manna GUT Support to reinstate healthy bacteria and digestive enzymes, Manna Blood Sugar Support to help curb sugar cravings and the Manna Calmer (Adult or Extra) to help calm the nerves and prevent further damage to the digestive bacteria. You also need to make adjustments to your diet, because by eliminating sugar and sugary foods form your diet you are actually cutting off the fuel supply to the bad bacteria. (See the Manna Low GI Diet)

Once the digestive system and stress are under control, you will start to experience weight loss and an all-over feeling of wellbeing.

Manna Calmer

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