The Truth Behind What Is Making Us Fat

The Truth Behind What Is Making Us Fat

It is a common misconception that fat makes us fat. However, studies have found that it is not fat, but rather sugar and carbohydrates that cause us to gain weight.
The science behind it comes down to the fact that any food that causes your pancreas to release insulin into the bloodstream can make you fat, as insulin is the fat-storing hormone.

Thus, the more insulin needed to stabilize the blood sugar, the higher the chances of fat being stored and the higher the likelihood of gaining weight.

What does insulin do?

When you eat food that contains carbs or sugar, the pancreas releases insulin to try and level out the blood sugar. The insulin transports the sugar to different parts of the body to either be used as energy or to store as fat for later usage. However, too much insulin will cause less sugar to be used as energy, and more to be stored as fat.

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Insulin and Diabetes

Diabetes is commonly associated with insulin. The most common is type 2 diabetes, and it usually happens due to a diet high in carbohydrates, over a prolonged period. The constant exposure to high sugar levels lead to constant high insulin levels. This means that the cells become unresponsive to the insulin, which means that the pancreas produces even more insulin, and this cans cause the pancreas to give in. A big side-effect of this is excessive weight gain.

Diabetes and Weight Gain

It is extremely common for type 2 diabetics to be overweight. This is due to the above mentioned occurrence where there is way too much insulin in the body, and it all gets stored in the cells as fat.

Insulin in Non-Diabetics

Even if you are not a diabetic, having constant high levels of insulin can cause type 2 diabetes and weight gain. High insulin levels are usually a result of a high-calorie, high-carbohydrate diet, which causes you to gain weight.

How to Manage Insulin Levels and Weight

The best weight loss advice is to avoid carbohydrates as far as possible. Cut out all sugary soft drinks, beer, sugar in coffee and tea, starchy food, breads, pasta, rice, pies and chips.

  • Try only to eat protein with lots of vegetables and salads. Don’t overdo the protein – but don’t starve.
  • For snacks you can eat nuts and something like biltong.
  • Always drink enough water.
  • However, you will crave for sugar and the easiest way to curb the cravings is to take 2 Manna Blood Sugar Support Caplets with each meal.

By reducing the insulin production in your body, you will lose weight. It is not always how much you eat, but what you eat that cause you to gain weight.


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