Tips to Lower Blood Sugar Naturally

A diabetic looking at a reading on a glucose level monitor

Muscles are Glucose Burners!

If Americans are the biggest consumers in the world, muscles are the glucose consumer equivalent. Getting physically active is one of the easiest ways to use up glucose and “force” the body out of insulin resistance. Exercise vigorously for 20-30 minutes a day to get optimal benefits.

No Highs or Lows: Keep Your Blood Sugar Even

Eat small amounts throughout the day

The body does much better eating smaller amounts of food, more often throughout the day. It’s easier on the intestines, the pancreas, and the digestive enzymes.

Depending on your caloric intake you could eat 4-6 meals, of 400-600 calories each. Eat at least every four hours.

Also increase your water. Being chronically dehydrated is hard on the blood, the carrier of not only the blood sugar but also insulin itself.

Getting Rid of Belly Fat

Belly Fat, Stress, and Insulin Resistance

Belly fat increases heart disease and insulin resistance. It is particularly hard to get rid of by women in their menopause years. Insulin resistance means that the blood sugar stays in the blood instead of getting into the tissue cells.

Belly fat can increase dramatically under acute and chronic high stress because of the hormone release of cortisol from the adrenals. Exercise helps reduce stress levels as does massage, meditation, relaxing baths, etc. The recommended waist measurement for men is less than 102cm and for women, less than 88cm.

The Power of Super Food for Optimal Health

The flour from the pods of the Mesquite tree (“Prosopis”) is well known as a superfood. Along with balancing your blood sugar; it will keep your blood sugar from spiking throughout the day. Mesquite is high in fiber, protein, magnesium and potassium. It’s also great for weight loss, the pancreas and intestinal regularity. The Manna Blood Sugar Support caplets are made from the Mesquite pod flour and therefore essential to control blood sugar levels the natural way.

The Manna low GI Shakes also consists of the same Mesquite pod flour and you can use this product as a meal replacement.

Metabolic Syndrome and How It Relates to Your Blood Sugar – A precursor to insulin resistance

Lots have been written about cholesterol and its effect on the blood vessels, if certain cholesterol is too high (while others are too low). HDL is the “good” cholesterol and triglycerides are the bad.

High cholesterol (of the bad sort) is part of a group of symptoms that together have been labelled metabolic syndrome. This condition is the precursor to heart disease and a host of other problems including diabetes.

Technically speaking, getting your cholesterol in right balance doesn’t really lower your blood sugar levels. It does speak to overall improved health and less likelihood of becoming insulin resistant (which does affect high blood sugar). The Manna Cholesterol Support supplement can help to lower the bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase the good cholesterol (HDL).

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  1. Pule Molete says

    This product is working good people this weekend I put it to the tough test for two days it works. I ate without taking it several times and my blood sugar spikes but after taking it before meals for several times my blood sugar levels are just normal two hours after meals. Thank you so much for your product YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!! KEEP THE GOOD WORK UP.