Treating Male Menopause Naturally

Treating Male Menopause Naturally

The male version of menopause known as Andropause is about the same as menopause in women, except this time it is the testosterone levels that take a dive.

Lower levels of testosterone can mean less muscle mass, decreased sperm production and a lower sex drive.

A gradual decline in testosterone can usually be seen from round about the age of 30. This is what causes the so-called midlife crisis when a guy does things to prove to himself and everybody else that he is still a young man. So before you go and buy yourself a brand new motorbike, try making these simple lifestyle changes to boost your testosterone levels.

Diet –

You can kick up your energy levels by eating foods like whole grains, fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, low-fat diary and plant-based proteins. Also make sure you take in enough zinc through foods like pork shoulder, cashews, chick peas or a good zinc supplement.

Exercise –

You should follow a proper workout routine that combines cardio and resistance training. Try doing 20-30 minutes or intense training each day, of which at least 3 days a week includes weight training.

Natural Supplements –

If you look at the ingredients of the Manna Andropause (Male Menopause) Supplement, you will see the list of plants containing phyto-testosterone, which can help to increase testosterone in men during their Andropause stage of their life to prevent the embarrassing symptoms.


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