Treating Pregnancy Diabetes

Treating Pregnancy Diabetes

Gestational diabetes, or pregnancy diabetes, is a common occurrence amongst expecting mothers. While most women with gestational diabetes end up giving birth to healthy babies, there is still a risk of running into further complications before, during, or after the birth.

Treating Gestational Diabetes 

In general, treatment for gestational diabetes includes eating healthier and maintaining a healthy exercise routine. The goal of this is to manage and balance blood sugar levels as well as possible, which helps limit the risk of gestational diabetes.

The best would be to consult a healthcare professional to help set up a diet and exercise plan that is tailored to suit you and your needs. But generally speaking it will mean changing what, how often, and how much you eat. An exercise routine might also sound scary and expensive, but often it only means going for a walk a few times a week or doing some fun, easy-to-do exercises.

What to do during pregnancy:

Treatment for gestational diabetes during pregnancy includes:

  • Eating a balanced diet 

As mentioned above, it is best to meet with a qualified healthcare expert, who can then help you work out a suitable diet.  One of the biggest things is ensuring that you limit the amount of carbohydrates, especially refined carbohydrates, you eat as these cause your blood sugar level to rise severely.

  • Getting regular exercise 

Try to get at least 2.5 – 3 hours of solid exercise per week. A good way to do this is by doing 30 minutes of exercise per day, which can be split up into short, 10 minute sessions if needed. Exercise can help with controlling blood sugar levels, and also help keep weight in check.

  • Checking blood sugar levels

A crucial part of treating gestational diabetes is checking your blood sugar level. You can even do this at home using a blood sugar testing kit that you can buy from most pharmacies. Although it might not always be a pleasant thing to do, it is important to make sure that your blood sugar levels stay within the healthy range.

  • Monitoring fetal growth and well-being 

Your doctor may want you to monitor fetal movements called “kick counts”, and let him or her know if you think your baby is moving less than usual. Another option is doing a fetal ultrasound to see how well your baby is growing.

  • Getting regular medical checkups 

Medical checkups are always important, and even more so during pregnancy. Consult your healthcare practitioner to find out how often you should visit in order to keep an eye on things.

Our Recommendation

You can follow the Manna Diet during pregnancy, because it is a healthy eating program with very little carbohydrates. Instead of using chemical treatment to control blood sugar levels, we recommend the Manna Blood Sugar Support supplement which is an all-natural product with no side effects or danger for you or the baby. Talk to your doctor about the product.

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