Type 2 diabetes and an Imbalance in gut bacteria

Type 2 diabetes and an Imbalance in gut bacteria

We’ve all heard the news about the enormous, world-wide epidemic of type 2 diabetes. Not only is this form of diabetes spreading among adults, it is now hitting children and teens as well. The primary cause seems to be excess body weight and weight physical inactivity.

But recent breakthrough research strongly indicates another, bottom line cause has been discovered – an imbalance of “good” versus “bad” bacteria in the intestinal tract appears to trigger type 2 diabetes.

An overuse of antibiotics can wipe out the “good” bacteria in the gut which can lead to serious health problems. Researchers have also found that promoting a healthy internal flora rich in the “good” kind of bacteria is beneficial in a myriad of ways – including boosting the immune system to fight flu and treating Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.

Recently published research suggests an unhealthy balance of gut flora could cause obesity and metabolic syndrome which have long been linked to type-2 diabetes.

The bacteria in our intestines have a huge impact on our well-being. If the balance of what is known as this “microflora” in the gut is disrupted, health can suffer. For their study, the scientists zeroed in on the intestinal bacteria of 345 people from China. The research subjects who had type 2 diabetes were found to have “a more hostile bacterial environment in their intestines” than those not suffering from the disease.

The study suggests this kind of out-of-balance gut flora could increase resistance to different medicines as well as likely be the trigger for type 2 diabetes.

The scientists identified specific biological indicators in the gut flora that could eventually be used to identify those at risk of type 2 diabetes as well as to diagnose the disease.

What can you do to keep your internal flora healthy and balanced? For starters, avoid antibiotics as much as possible. Also, eat a healthy diet that includes prebiotics (naturally occurring substances found in thousands of plants species that foster a healthy environment in the colon that’s hostile to the “bad” bacteria) and probiotics (the “good” bacteria that is found in fermented foods like kefir, yogurt and sauerkraut that can crowd out bad bacteria and replenish the “good” kind that can be wiped out by antibiotics).


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