Weight Loss and Artificial Sweeteners: Good or Bad?

Weight Loss and Artificial Sweeteners: Good or Bad?

Whilst it is true that most artificial sweeteners do not contain sugar, the body still sees them as sugar and processes them that way. The problem with this is that the body then releases insulin, but there is no sugar for it to deal with, and thus it may very well lead to issues like diabetes and weight gain.

So you might think that you are on the fast track to losing weight since you’ve swapped out your regular soda for diet soda, but the fact that insulin is released every time that you drink a can, and there is nothing for it to do but create fat storage, you eventually gain weight instead of losing it.

A better approach to losing weight is to follow a balanced, low GI diet which will minimize blood sugar fluctuations. To gain optimal benefit from a diet, you should also follow a exercise program that includes cardio and weight training.

Along with a good diet and plentiful exercise, supplements can also help reverse insulin resistance. The Manna Blood Sugar Support tablets, when taken with food, slow down the uptake of glucose from the food to the blood stream, helping the body to require less insulin.

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