Weight Loss & Leptin Resistance

Weight Loss problem

The link between Leptin and weight gain.

Leptin is a hormone that communicates with the brain that we’ve eaten enough and causes us to feel “full”. It also helps the body to utilize fat as an energy source.

When leptin is working properly in the body it helps to control how much is consumed at meals, which facilitates proper weight management and blood sugar regulation. Often we find ourselves consuming simple carbohydrates and other highly processed foods that suppress leptin’s ability to decrease our appetite and this is when the trouble begins.

As leptin resistance increases so does insulin resistance. Blood sugar levels spike as over consumption becomes commonplace, causing increased insulin production which is a perfect setup for diabetes.

In addition to simple carbs and over consumption, chronic stress and sedentary lifestyles also increase resistance to leptin.


Naturally reverse leptin resistance for weight loss

To reverse leptin resistance, you need to follow the same steps as to reverse insulin resistance.

  • Eliminate processed sugars and refines grain products from your diet
  • Minimize starches (bread, pasta, rice, all flour products, potatoes, chips, etc.)
  • Eat fresh and healthy. A normal meal should consist of at least 25% protein, 25% salad and 50% vegetables (not potatoes)
  • Get enough good oils – Omega 3 from fish
  • For an easy, manageable solution to reverse insulin resistance and leptin resistance, follow the Manna Diet and take the Manna Blood Sugar support supplement with each meal to curb cravings, balance blood sugar levels and suppress appetite the natural way without any side effects.
  • Exercise – Follow the exercise examples in the e-book.

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