Which Foods Cause Fat Storage?

Which Foods Cause Fat Storage?

Fat storage is caused by foods that trigger insulin to be released in high amounts. These are usually foods that are high in simple sugars and carbohydrates. When the energy supplied by these foods to the body is not used, the insulin stores the energy as fat in the body’s cells.

A good indicator of such foods is the Glycaemic Index (GI). The GI is a system by which food is ranked by the tempo at which it is absorbed into the bloodstream, and the higher the GI number, the faster it is absorbed. This then shows the direct effect it will have on your blood sugar levels, as high GI foods will cause your blood sugar levels to spike up high, then drop down low. The GI allocates number from 0 to 100 to different foods, with foods with a GI of 70 and upwards regarded as high GI foods.

In order to decrease the fat storage process, you should stay away from high GI foods as far as possible, and follow a low GI diet. This can help prevent radical spikes and drops in your blood sugar levels, and make weight loss easier.


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