Why Diabetes Makes You Thirsty

Why Diabetes Makes You Thirsty

Many people with type-2 diabetes might have noticed that they constantly feel thirsty and usually have to visit the loo quite often.

The reason for this is that the pancreas doesn’t produce enough insulin so that the body can effectively use the glucose floating around. This then results in a glucose build-up which cannot be properly filtered by the kidney.


This causes urine to become thicker due to all the glucose in it and the body has to extract water from other parts in order to make it flow more easily. This then means that the body begins to feel dehydrated and you feel thirsty the whole time.


The symptoms of type-2 diabetes can be reversed if you follow a proper low GI diet, exercise, get enough sleep, control stress and take a supplement like the Manna Blood Sugar Support caplets with each meal to control blood sugar levels as well as to help the body to require less insulin.

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