Why It Is Vital to Balance Your pH

Why It Is Vital to Balance Your pH

Most people don’t realize just how important it is to maintain a healthy pH balance in our bodies. You should try to keep your pH alkaline-biased, as the cells in your body need this to survive.

To simplify it, we can say that the cells in our body go through a constant process of dying and regenerating, but they need a alkaline environment to regenerate properly. It is also the body’s basic starting point for fighting most diseases and ailments.

Diseases thrive in an acidic body condition, which is the best environment for things like mold, fungus, yeast, bacteria, and viruses to grow and become stronger.

The problem is that blood cannot get oxygen and nutrients to the cells like it should when the pH is not balanced. The optimal pH for blood is 7.4, and this is where the most oxygen can be transported to the cells. When the cells are not properly oxygenated, it opens the door for bacteria, viruses, and mold to grow.

If the pH level falls to acidic, the high acid levels in the body can start to damage the body tissue. In order to prevent this, the body will store the acid in fat cells. Usually the body needs to create extra fat cells in order to store all the acid, which means, you put on some weight. However this also means that when you get your pH levels balanced, it can help you lose weight.

Another very bad side effect of high acid levels in the body is that it causes calcium levels to go down which can weaken bone and cause several problems like brittle bones and teeth.

Recommendation for Getting Your Body Back to an Alkaline State

Fruits and Veggies –

Most fruits and veggies can help correct your pH balance. Steer clear of meat, dairy, and grains as they make your body acidic.

Diet –

Download the free Acid/Alkaline e-book to learn more about the foods which cause acidity and which foods can help you to become more alkaline.

Natural Supplement –

The Manna PH Balance supplement helps to excrete excess uric acid from the body to prevent acid related health problems.


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