Why Phyto-Estrogens for Menopause?

Why Phyto-Estrogens for Menopause?

Hormone therapy has long been the standard method for dealing with menopause. However, the safety of these treatments has often been in question.

At the moment, the only natural alternative to that is supported by trustworthy scientific evidence is the use of phyto-estrogens, which are plant estrogens. The three main types of phytoestrogens are isoflavones, lignans and coumestans.

Isoflavones are the most potent and commonly used phyto-estrogens for supplements. These phyto-estrogens can be found in foods like soybeans, chickpeas, garbanzo beans and lentils.

Manna Menopause Support contains Phyto-estrogens derived from (Soy, Wild Yam and Maca Root). The product also contains Lignans, Calcium and Vitamin D, which make it a complete supplement which can help to overcome menopausal symptoms like hot flushes, night sweats, mood swings, etc.

Menopause Support

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