This is our guide to assist you in becoming affiliates. We have set it up in a way that allows you to direct what you need. Through as series of questions you can determine what you need to learn.

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Some additional information about our program:


Any commission is calculated on the final price payed by the client. This price is after all coupons are deducted. Please note that commission is only calculated on the portion of the total excluding shipping costs and tax. Commission is calculated at a rate of 15%.


Payments are made in the form of store credits. These credits can immediately be used to buy products from our online store. You can also withdraw your credits into physical cash however there is a minimum limit of R500 that has to be in your store credit account.

How purchases are tracked

When someone visits our website through your URL generated for you and no one else has had that person visit through their URL, then that person will be tracked assigning him to your account. Once he purchases then you will be granted commission.

What if he buys again and doesn’t use my URL?

Fear not, our system automatically links that user with your account. Any purchases made by them will be accredited to your account.