What is an affiliate?

In short an affiliate is someone who promotes a product and in returns receives payment for each successful referral to the business. This means if you refer 10 people to the business and each spend R100 then, with a commission of 15%, you will receive R15 for each purchase, totalling R150 for all 10 shoppers.

What does an affiliate do?

The only thing an affiliate has to do is promote any business he or she is affiliated with. The method by which you do this will depend on the affiliate system that the business uses. In most cases especially with online stores, you will receive a link that when clicked on, tells the store you referred them there. It really is as simple as that, you post your link in social media or other platforms, perhaps email it and when people buy after clicking on your link then you will be rewarded with the percentage you have been assigned. For more advanced affiliates, such as affiliates with their own websites you can get banners from the business to display on your website. The concept is virtually the same, however you display an image instead of a simple link.

How can an affliate promote a product?

Literally any way you can think of really. Some methods you can use include:
  • email
  • word of mouth
  • social media
  • instant messaging (whatsapp, BBM, Skype etc.)
  • flyers
  • telemarketing
  • blogging
  • website advertising
These are only some of the options you can use to promote products. You can decide which best suits your personality.

Question 6: Do you understand affiliate marketing?