Now that you are logged in you should have ended up at the following page: Affiliate area registration logged in All you need to do now is complete the form at the top which is only three fields long. If you are unsure what to enter in any of the fields read below as we have described each of the fields. Once you have filled in the forms you will see the following:

Submitting your registration

That is all the fields for the registration. Once you have completed all the required fields submit your registration. If you entered everything correctly and everything was submitted successfully then you will see this notification:
and you will also receive this email:
At this point your application is pending and you will have to wait for approval by the website administrators.

Question 3: Have you applied to be an affiliate?

Field Descriptions

Payment Email

Simply enter your email address here.

Website URL

If you have a website or blog, enter it’s URL ex. in this field. If you do not have a website please type none, or anything similar.

How will you promote us?

Give us a short description of how you think you can promote us. This will not necessarily count against or for you, but it is nice to know what everyone is planning. Examples can include, facebook, twitter, email, telephone, word of mouth or any such methods and any others you acan think of.

Agree to our Terms of Use

Our affiliate program is subject to our Terms of Use. If you have read our terms of use and accept everything disclosed in the document, check this box.

Question 3: Have you applied to be an affiliate?