The affiliate area is where you can monitor you affiliate campaign. All your statistics and more will be available for you to see here. Below is a detailed description of what you can find in the affiliate area. If you visit the affiliate area while logged in, registered and approved you will see the following page: Affiliate Area This is your personal affiliate area where you can see all your information, earnings and more. Let us go through each of the different areas on the page to see what is available to you.

Top Menu

This menu will help you navigate through your affiliate area. The options are: Affiliate URLs (this is your default page), Statistics, Graphs, Referrals, Visits, Creatives and Settings. So what does each of these do?

Affiliate URLs

Your affiliate ID

This is your ID on our system.

Your referral URL

This is your default referral link. This is the URL you copy and post on social media or other platforms. Anyone that visits our shop from this link will earn you commission.

URL generator

This input area will allow you to create custom referral URLs from our website. If you would like to take people to the shop page instead of the default home page, then on our site go to the shop page and copy the url in the top address bar as shown here:
Paste it in the text area like this:
Click the Generate URL button and a new block will appear above the button, this is your new URL. If you would like to include a campaign name, perhaps you want to try different strategies then simply input your campaign name into the following field.
If you then generate your URL you will see an additional section added to your URL. This will be tracked when people visits and you will be able to see which campaigns work the best.


The statistics page gives you insight to what has happened, including the amount of commission you have earned, the amount of referrals you have and the campaigns you have generated.

Unpaid Referrals

This is the amount of sales that have been processed as a result of your URL but have not been paid out to you yet.

Paid Referrals

Like unpaid referrals, this is the amount of sales that have been processed as a result of your URL. These however have been paid out to you already.


Visits are the amount of people that visited our site through your URL or generated URLs.

Conversion rate

The conversion rate is an indication of how well you are performing. It is a calculated percentage. It is calculated using the ratio of visits to referrals. This means if 5 people visit our website through your link and all 5 buy something then you will have a 100% conversion rate since everyone you referred bought. If however only 2 buy then you will have a conversion rate of only 20%. If however you refer one person who buys twice, you will have a conversion rate of 200%.

Unpaid earnings

Unpaid earnings is the amount of commission you have earned that has not yet been paid out to you.

Paid earnings

This is the amount that has already been paid out to you. These earnings are paid out as Store Credits which can be used to purchase products in our online store. These credits may also be withdrawn to money which will be paid directly into your bank account.

Commission Rates

This is the percentage you will receive for each successful referral made to our online store.

Store Credits

This is the amount of Store Credits currently available to you. This is the maximum you are able to spend in our online store as discount.


This is a list of campaigns your have generated and that have been used in referrals. This can be set on the Affiliate URLs section of the dashboard under campaign.


Visits are the amount of unique visits you have referred for each of your campaigns.

Unique Links

This is the amount of different links you have created for each of your campaigns. Creating links can be done on the Affiliate URLs section of the affiliate area under page url.


This is the amount of people that have purchase successfully from your campaign.

Conversion Rate

This is the percentage in relation to how many people visited and how many actually purchased through your campaign.


Graphs in a way gives you a visual representation of what has happened with all your referrals.


At the top is a selection box where you can filter how long you would like to see information of. It can be anything from 1 day up to a year and you can even set your own time.


The graph will have up to 4 lines coloured red, yellow, green and blue symbolising rejected referral earnings, unpaid referral earnings, paid referral earnings, pending referral earnings respectively.


This page simply show you how much you received for each referral and what each person bought. Here are what each columns is:


This is the amount you earned from the sale.


This is a description of what was purchased.


This shows the status of the individual referrals, whether or not it still needs to be paid, if it was paid or if it has been rejected.


This is the date that the referral took place.


This page shows each of your generated URLs, the method they were visited and also whether or not they have converted. Here is each column:


These are the URLs that people have used to visit our website with that you generated.

Referring URL

This shows where they came from. If your links were placed on another site, that site will show up here. Direct means people directly entered it into their browser’s address bar.


If someone made a purchase through this method you will see a check here. Otherwise you will see a “X”.


Creatives refer to any banner or designs that we have created that you can use in places such as websites and more.


The settings page only has two options, the first allows you to enter or change your payment email and the second gives you the option whether or not you would like to receive email updates on referrals you have generated.
And that is it, you have successfully completed the tour of the affiliate system’s affiliate area. Now you can start getting referrals.

Question 5: Do you understand the affiliate area?