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Thyroid problems are usually not caused by the thyroid itself, but are a symptom of an underlying problem. 

This underlying problem can almost always be traced back directly to the digestive health (gut health). 

So what can we do to fight thyroid problems?
1.    Blood Sugar Control:

Dysglycemia (too high or too low blood sugar) must be controlled. Dysglycemia happens when our body cannot keep our blood sugar balanced. It is either too high (insulin resistance, the precursor to diabetes) or too low (hypoglycemia, also a precursor to diabetes) or our sugar fluctuates wildly throughout the day due to poor eating habits.

Poor sugar control wreaks havoc with our adrenal glands, causes inflammation of the digestive tract thereby causing leaky gut and weakens our immune system.

This can put stress on our thyroid causing it to malfunction and ultimately causing hypothyroid or decreased thyroid function and exacerbating Hashimoto's. One cannot have a well-functioning thyroid without first bringing blood sugar under control. 

2.    Adrenal Gland Health:

You cannot talk about the thyroid without discussing adrenal health. We live in a very stressful world-and this stress puts your adrenals under siege. But stress can come in many different ways. Poor sugar control, chronic bacterial and viral infections, leaky gut, environmental chemicals and toxins, food sensitivities, as well as physical and emotional stressors all affect our adrenal gland function.

Adrenal stress usually leads to thyroid dysfunction and hypothyroid problems due to high cortisol levels. Because the thyroid and adrenals are so intimately connected, both the thyroid and adrenals need to be supported in order to achieve both thyroid and adrenal health.

3.       Gut Heath:

Gut health has been mostly overlooked in modern medicine. Hippocrates stated that ALL diseases begins in the gut; -today he is being proven correct.

We are seeing a rash of gastrointestinal dysfunction in today's society necessitating the use of anti-acids, over the counter medications and prescription medications like the purple pill-Nexium, Prilosec and Pepcid. We have TV commercials dealing with constipation, gas, diarrhea, bloating-telling us to take Pepto-Bismol, eat Activia yogurt, take Tums etc.

This is just an indication of how poor our gut health really is! Since our gut comprises at least 60%-70% of our immune system, it is no wonder that our population is sick! And because our intestinal lining is 60%-70% of our immune system, when we have a gut problem - we have an immune problem.

It is no wonder that gut problems, food intolerances, leaky gut, gut infections etc. all lead to immune system problems and autoimmune disease as well as functional hypothyroidism.

All of this also impacts the adrenal glands as it is a constant stress to our adrenals.

Recommended treatment:

  • The first step is to follow the Manna Digestive Health Protocol in order to get your gut health up to standard. 

  • Follow a well-balanced, sensible and healthy diet, like the Manna Diet as suggested in the free e-book.

  • Take a supplement like the Manna Blood Sugar Support to help control your glucose levels and the Manna GUT Support to reinstate the good bacteria and digestive enzymes in the gut for a stronger immune system and to increase the function of the thyroid.

Click the images below for more information on each product: 


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