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Low blood sugar can be just as dangerous as high blood sugar.

With all the focus on high blood sugar and diabetes, the dangers of low blood sugar levels are often neglected.
So how do we know when we have low blood sugar levels?

What is low blood sugar?

Low blood sugar, or hypoglycemia, is the condition in which the sugar levels in the blood become too low which is usually about 2.5mmol/l or less. This condition can normally be spotted by certain symptoms that go away after one has eaten. The blood sugar level at which these symptoms are experienced differ from person to person

What causes low blood sugar levels?

When functioning normally, the pancreas excretes the correct amount of insulin needed to keep the blood sugar levels balanced. However, when a person suffers from low blood sugar, the pancreas releases too much insulin which causes the blood sugar levels to become too low. This, along with other diseases, can cause hypoglycemic episodes.

What causes hypoglycemia?

  • Reactive hypoglycemia:

    Control cravings, helping you stay away from sweets and unhealthy food and lose weight easily.

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