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Ever wondered what the dangers of high blood sugar levels are? Do you feel there is too much fuss around controlling blood sugar levels when you actually feel pretty fine? Unfortunately, with diabetes, feeling fine is not a barometer for being well. This disease is fundamentally insidious. Most of the damage caused by high blood sugar levels manifests silently without any dramatic symptoms until it is too late. Dangers of High Blood Sugar Levels
High blood glucose levels pose a concealed threat to our health. Did you know that long before diabetes is diagnosed; slightly elevated blood sugar levels are already causing vascular damage and heart disease in our bodies? 8 Common Problems with High Blood Glucose Levels
When you have high blood glucose levels, you are more likely to develop the following conditions:
  1. Increased susceptibility to bacterial infections. Poor healing from any injury.
  2. Increased susceptibility to fungal infections like thrush which thrive on sugar-rich environments. (Candida)
  3. Nerve damage resulting in constant pain, numbness, tingling and even burning sensations in the extremities.
  4. Impaired digestion due to loss of nerve functions
  5. Poor blood circulation due to the narrowing of blood vessels causing high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke and even gangrene (from the death of tissue due to poor blood circulation) leading to possible amputation of limbs.
  6. Damage to very small blood vessels in the eyes and kidneys leading to blindness and kidney failure.
  7. Ketoacidosis a life threatening condition caused by very high blood sugar levels of greater than 20mM/L. This is associated with fat breakdown causing our blood to turn dangerously acidic.
  8. Increase AGEs or advanced glycated end products leading to accelerated ageing of tissues. This premature ageing of tissues manifests itself internally and externally simultaneously. Externally it presents itself as sagging skin and wrinkles. Trust that the same tissue damage is occurring internally as well.
As outlined above, the damage caused by high blood sugar levels is indiscriminate, widespread and deadly. Diabetes is much more than just a touch of sugar. That is why we must take extra care to ameliorate high blood sugar levels. Addressing High Blood Sugar Levels Controlling levels in the blood is not that difficult.
  • Follow a Low GI, Low Carbohydrate diet - download the free Manna Diet e-book from the website.
  • Drink enough fresh, clean water during the day, because water also helps to regulate blood sugar levels. When you feel hungry, first drink a glass of water to make sure it is hunger and not thirst.
  • Exercise also helps to control blood glucose levels, because it burns the sugar in the blood first and you will have stable blood sugar levels long after the exercise.
  • Take the Manna Blood Sugar Support caplets which can help to stabilise blood glucose levels as well as to control cravings and your appetite.
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