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Struggling to stick to your gym appointments and diets? We’ve all been there. Pressures of daily life contribute to our lack of physical fitness and all round well being. Between your full-time job and family commitments it’s difficult to schedule time to focus on your health and fitness.

Lower your Chances of Chronic Ailments

Only you can decide to make your health a priority. By focusing on your health and fitness you lower your chances for developing chronic ailments such as diabetes, heart disease and obesity. Regular exercise and taking the suitable supplements can replenish your body when you need it most.

Get Our Range of Tried and Tested Supplements

Everyday your body takes strain from lack of sleep, long hours at work and eating unhealthy fast food. But it’s never too late to reverse some of the damage. It takes 21 days to break a habit. Why not replace your bad habits with good ones by using Manna Health’s tried and tested range of products? Get healthy today.

Look at our range of organic supplements below and get in contact if you would like to place an online order.

Featured Product

Energy Boost

Energy Boost

Feel more energized throughout your day

Specially formulated with natural plant compounds, to boost your energy levels. Naturally, boosts energy levels. Provides nutrients to optimize energy levels. Provides a stimulating effect quickens perceptions.

Health Products

Chocolate Shake

Low GI Shake

Stops cravings and provides correct energy without weight gain. Low GI, high fiber meal replacement.

Energy Boost

Energy Boost

Naturally boosts your energy levels and assists with endurance based activities. Improves reaction time.


Fat Burner

Suppress cravings, boost your metabolism and covert excess fat into energy.

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