Manna and the Environment

Dune Foods, producers of the Manna Products, is solely one of the largest private companies in South Africa, and is part of an initiative to minimize the impact of invasive alien vegetation on the Northern Cape environment.

As only natural wild invasive alien plants are used in the manufacturing process, the products are 100% organic, and in order to achieve the company’s objective, it is committed to selecting only the highest quality raw materials.

Dune Foods is always striving to the highest manufacturing standards and also to keep the production facilities as safe and efficient as humanly possible.


  • Energy: Total energy consumption of electricity used is a little more than a normal household’s consumption and it is monitored to kept as low as possible.
  • Emissions: No harmful emissions (including CO2, inorganic gas or VOC) are generated in the production of Manna.
  • Safety: Dune Foods strives to maintain strict safety education/training and risk assessment practices as stipulated by the Health and Safety Act.
  • Water consumption: Manna contains no water, thus minimizing water consumption in the production process.
  • No waste water is generated in the production of the Manna products.
  • Waste: The only waste generated from the production of the Manna products is organic plant waste only which is given to farmers to feed their live stock.

Raw materials:

  • Certificates of analysis are provided with each batch of raw material.
  • Manna’s ingredients are regularly tested for contamination and microbiological contamination