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MannaBrew Superfood Espresso 226g - Batch no: DF2020/0730

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You can now enjoy espresso with a healthy twist.
MannaBrew, a superfood espresso, is a coffee-alternative without the caffeine or acidity.
Enjoy a full rich espresso, high in nutritional value. The natural sugars in the Mesquite beans give the product a subtle sweet, rich, dark, caramel flavour. 

Rich in Flavour, Superfood Espresso

The slow roasting process brings out the natural sweetness and unique flavours of this superfood from nature.

The Mesquite Espresso has no caffeine, but the essential sugars from the Mesquite beans are known to energise and uplift, similar to caffeinated coffee, but without the negative side effects.

Also, MannaBrew will not cause acidity in the body, nor acid reflux.
The Mesquite beans are hand-selected in the wild to secure consistent flavour, batch after batch.

Once you have tasted MannaBrew, everything else will taste a bit bland. 

Brewing MannaBrew Espresso


Fill basket normally, tamp down lightly, and extract espresso as usual. ​(Not for use in automatic machines)

French Press:

1-3 Heaped teaspoons of MannaBrew per cup.

Moka Pot

Fill basket normally, place on medium-high heat, and allow to percolate.


1Heaped Teaspoons(4g) of MannaBrew per cup

Or brew it any way you like! You can even make it into a latte or a cappuccino. 


MannaBrew is made of 100% Mesquite beans, roasted to perfection.

Pack Size:

8oz (226g)

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5 stars
Certified Buyer
MannaBrew Superfood Espresso
I love the taste of MannaBrew Superfood Espresso. I can't wait to have my first cuppa every morning.
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5 stars
Gabrielle van Heesch
Certified Buyer
Mesquite Coffee
I love my coffee. In fact I am a total ‘coffee snob’. Making and enjoying my cappuccino is a daily ritual for me. MannaBrew now replaces my coffee beans. It ticks all the boxes for me. It’s rich and delicious, and with oat milk it’s super creamy too. I the mornings I mix it half and half with coffee so still enjoy that coffee kick but with half the caffeine and acidity of coffee. In the afternoons I enjoy it on its own.
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