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  1. I started using the Manna shake and tablets, after seeing the improvement in one of the ponies that I look after. He was diagnosed as Insulin Resistant in November last year and, through the support of Dune Foods, was put onto Manna tablets. He lost weight and his health improved dramatically. So I thought I would try it! I have lost 6kg and have more energy. I also love the recipes that come with the newsletter – I use them regularly and I have variety in my food without having to think too much! And the ingredients are mostly economical – lots of vegetables!
    Thank you – please keep up the good work!

    • I was diognosed with Type 2 diabetis and was determined to excercise and get off my medication. I went on holiday to Uruguay and walked everyday from 13 -18 km per day and I am not joking. On coming back to South Africa, I decided to keep up with walking everday for abt 2-3km per day and to start chaging my diet. I stopped eating sugar and eating whole grains everything we have been taught is healthy. I noticed that I started loosing cm with my clothes especially my pants falling off, the scale showed very little kilograms had been shed. On going to the doctor my sugar came down from 16 to 7 my bloodpressure was 150/98 and that came down to 80/63 and my colestrol levels became normal. I feel healthy and even though I weigh 99kg and have come down from 106 look more like a weigh 80kg. My height is 1.79 and my weight was 59 kg in my youth, at 53 years of age I would be happy with 80kg . I cannot cut my food intake anymore and excerise five times a week running for abt 35 min. Why is my clothes falling off me but the damn scale won”t budge, O! by the way its not broken if thats what you thinking.

      • With all the exercising you are doing you are burning off the fat. That is why your shape is changing and your clothes are looser. At the same time you are building muscle and muscle weighs more than fat so that is why you are not seeming to lose weight. Do not give up. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day and keep on with the exercise. Write down everything you eat for a week and see if there are sneaky calories getting in. Remember that fruit juices, fizzy drinks and alcohol have tons of calories so limit them or cut them out for a while. At the moment your body is adjusting to your new lifestyle and is on a plateau but eventually you will see weight loss as the more muscle you have the more fat you will burn off even after you have finished exercising! A small handful of mixed nuts as a snack is healthy and has way less calories than most snacks. Don’t eat while doing anything else like watching tv. You will not appreciate your food or feel satisfied. Savour every bite and listen to your boy when it says you are full. All these tricks help. Good luck! hope to hear your success story soon!


    • Annelize, I know exactly how you feel! I had many diets in the past and lost little weight, but soon I stopped and became even more overweight.
      What I am going to write down here, is to MOTIVATE you…because it is POSSIBLE!
      This is not bragging about myself, it is only trying to help you, Annelize…because I know this feeling of always be fat, self conscious, and tired of
      your own body.

      One day during February 2011 I just DECIDED THAT I AM NOT GOING TO DO THIS TO MYSELF ANY LONGER! (it is almost 2 years ago)

      That day changed my life…I took responsibility for my health and weight from that day on and lost weight VERY VERY SLOWLY.
      But it paid off and I lost 26 kilos till now. I stopped the diet, but am watching the scale every morning, to make sure I do not gain weight again, because this
      is even more difficult to KEEP THE LOWER WEIGHT! ( If I gain 1 kilo, I see to it that I loose it immediately over the next week.)
      During this time I walked between 5 and 9 kilometers in the mornings and increased the speed. Now I walk very fast everywhere I go, even when shopping.

      I like myself again!!
      I do not feel self conscious wherever I go (because I always felt the ‘fat one’!) and yes, I even feel good about myself.
      I had to almost ‘remake’ my old clothes, because just working the seems off, was not enough! (I even got some lovely new ones!)
      Nicest of all is that I have much, much more energy! I am 62, but now I feel much younger that 20 years ago. My healty is much better
      and my blood pressure is down.
      I get many compliments, because, since I feel good about myself, I want to look good.

      Did I do it all by myself? Yes, I did not consult anyone, I just stopped using all sugar and eat little starch/bread (but I still LOVE BREAD!) and
      take very little oil/margarine/butter, ect.

      BUT One is always with me and He is my motivation: Jesus Christ, because He is with me in all I do and I allow Him to change my attitude and
      He gives me the fruits of the Spirit, like self-control, joy, peace, ect. I just praise Him for His help.

      May you be blessed and find the motivation in Him!

      • Hi Johanna

        your story is really inspiring and true it one’s own will power and deifinetly prayer taht would get you through any trial in life!!!

        I hav eactually been cheating with my diet but after reading your message i am getting right back on tract!!!

        best wishes and God bless!

        Dolly Gopichand

      • Wow…. you guys are going to make me burst into (happy) tears at work first thing in the morning! 🙂

        There is always Hope. xxx

  3. I have started used Manna for about 5 weeks now and have lost 4kg. It has not come off easily but has taken tons of dedication. I am not overweight but very petite with some extra kilos in areas (abdomen) and felt it was time to do something about it. I would like to encourage those who feel discouraged to not lose hope. Keep drinking Manna and replace two meals a day, but have fruit with it. Add nuts to your diet as well loads of fresh vegetables. I have one full meal a day and snack on fruit and nuts throughout the day to keep my energy levels up and it really does work. Take a good multivitamin and calcium supplement and you will lose weight. Once the first few kgs dissappear it becomes easier. You do reach a plateau for a while, but this is a good opportunity for you to remain confident and focused because after this period, you will see results if you stay committed. Important, is that you need to stay active, and walk as much as you can during the day, even if just for a short while – every bit counts! I think it is important also to set yourself a target which you break down into small, realistic goals. For example, I want to lose 8kgs and I’ve broken that down to 1kg a week on average. If I dont lose 1kg a week, then I just keep at it and become more motivated. I removed all refined foods and sugar from my lifestyle. I dont see this as dieting but as adopting a healthier lifestyle. I am pleased to say that I can see the difference and it makes me feel good about myself – if I can do it with the help of Manna, anyone can do it – stay positive, and ask God to help you every day to stay committed to the programme. I wish all of you the very best!

  4. You have the power to decide. Sick of being fat… decide to change and then do it… With Manna products to help you along.
    In December last year I thought I was going to die. I met an alternative medicine practitioner and she asked for blood tests… Ho hum…! again. I had already had 3 tests done by doctors,,, Three different doctors and all they seemed to think and say was – nothing wrong with your blood just stop eating!!!
    I also had hair samples analysed. All my organs were shutting down…
    Stress related insulin resistance… I had been under a lot of stress, unhappy where I was living due to noise – extractor fans 24/7 and barking dogs too… And I was starving myself… eating the wrong foods… I have since stopped eating potatoes in any form… rather sweet potatoes… changed my whole way of eating – stopped skipping meals… I have lost 23 Kg since January… I have started cycling and yesterday I did the 20 km Big Walk…!
    Nothing is easy, you have to put your mind to it and stick to it and remain positive. Manna products do help… I take the Meal Replacement Shakes in the morning because I am never hungry. Blood sugar support, circulation support, FAT support and Cholesterol support… these products help and they are affordable.
    I hope my story will inspire Annelise and anyone else who is having problems…


  6. My naam is Gaye, ek het 120 kg geweeg in 2009 en het al wat ‘n dieet op die mark probeer, niks het gehelp nie, ek was depresief, en het gevoel my wereld stort ineen.

    ek het geweet ek moet gewig verloor, het allerhande kwale gehad, het nooit lekker gevoel nie en was altyd ongelukkig, tot op ‘n dag wat ek besluit het genoeg is nou genoeg.

    Ek het voor my Laptop gaan sit en in al wat webwerf ingegaan wat gehandel het oor diete, toe kom ek op Manna health af, ek het al die inligting geprint wat beskikbaar was, en my tyd gevat en alles noukeurig gelees, ek was so opgewonde en het besluit om die bul by die horings te pak en dit te probeer.

    Ek het talle resepte geprint wat beskikbaar was, en die volgende dag met eetplan begin, ek het nie regtig die finansies gehad om die pille en shakes te koop nie, dus het ek net reg ge-eet, die eerste week was ‘n teistering, maar in die tweede week het dit al beter gegaan, ek het daagliks e-mails van Manna gekry wat my motiveer het, en ook heerlike resepte en wenke.

    dit is nou 3 jaar later en met Manna se low GI dieet het ek 55 kg in totaal afgeskud, ek weeg nou 65 kg, ek is gesond, gelukkig, koop maklik klere, ek het low GI my leefwyse gemaak, en volg nog daagliks Manna se wonderlike wenke en smul heerlik aan al die resepte wat so vrylik beskikbaar is.

    Manna, het my die motivering gegee, ek is nie een dag spyt dat ek van die wonderlike geleentheid gebruik gemaak het nie, ek is nog oppad na my doelwit wat 58 kg is, en weet ek gaan suksesvol wees, in die 3 jaar het my gewig nie op gegaan nie, en ek het wel met geleenthede ook my stukkie koek ge-eet, maar dit nie oordoen nie.

    Baie dankie Manna julle het my lewe terug gegee, dit is harde werk, maar absoluut die moeite werd.

    Sterkte aan julle almal wat die stryd aanpak, onthou wees positief en geniet Manna se heerlike resepte, en bereik die wenpaal sonder moeite of straf!!!!!


    • Hi Gaye, ek is so bly ek het op jou boodskap afgekom. Ek het gister met die 7dae detox van die Manna plan begin ek het gedink dit gaan baie straf wees en dat ek heeltyd honger gaan wees en cravings gaan he maar tot dus ver het ek nog glad nie gesukkel en lus gewees vir enige cheat kos nie. Ek het vanoggend al die lekkers in my laai weg gegee want ek is dood eenvoudig net nie lus vir dit nie en wil nie op dag drie dalk crack nie LOL. Ek is opgewonde oor die eet plan. ek noem dit so want ek wil glad nie meer diet nie net reg eet al vat dit my die res van my lewe. Ek het my van oggend geweeg en alreeds 1kg verloor. ek was verbaas en ja ek weet dit is meestal water vir dit wat ek geeet het is dit baie. Vandag is halfpad verby en ek het nog steeds geen cravings vir my lekker kosse soos pizza ens nie. Die resepte is verbasend heerlik en dit sonder vleis ek kan dit nie glo nie. Ek sien uit om die einde van dag 7 te weeg. Ek gaan stap elke dag sodat my bloed kan vloei nie omdat ek moet nie en dis heerlik. Baie dankie vir jou artikel, dit gee my inspirasie om nie te wonder oor die res van die eet plan of ek gaan opgee nie.

  7. I am so blessed to be still alive. It started will those explicit signs of diabetes but I ignored them until I was really having no energy left in me. When I went to the doctor my sugar level was 36! I was admitted in ICU and placed on insulin and glucophage. This was in March 2012. I have been taking walks and minding my diet since then; and ever since my sugar level has never been more than 7! I have lost considerable weight and I feel good. It can be done – do not loose hope. By the way I am also on high blood pressure treatment since 1988! It ranges normally – this is an accomplishment for me!!!

  8. Around the middle of 2012 I was diagnosed with pre diabetes and about a month later I found myself feeling very groggy one Monday morning. A visit to the doctors confirmed diabetes and my sugar level was 20 and my Cholesterol was at 8.4. 2 X Glucophage & 1x Simvastatin was added to my two high pertension pills and it amounted to having to take 5 pills a day.

    Over the last few years I have felt tired and slowly became less mobile piling on the weight – I was 60 kg’s overweight.

    I decided that i neede to impress myself and not a doctor and that i owned my health and decided to make a lifestyle change. Some simple changes:

    1. I decided to take regular walks – around 1hr for about 3 times a week
    2. Cut out sugar and I only use sweetners
    3. Use low GI veggies – no potatoes replaced with sweet potato and used the Manna website to look at low GI food I like and intrduced into my diet
    4. My wife changed our shopping basket and included more veg and fruit which since have replaced the chips, chocolates and fizzy drinks
    5. My focus was not to run a marathon, but just to be healthy
    6. 3 months later I have in total lost 20kgs, have increased energy and feel that I have a new lease on my life. I am also no longer requiring any tablets as my levels have dropped into normal. You have to measure your levels and track it to what works or dont for you. It also engersises you to stick with something that work sofr you. Remember it is a lifestyle change and just a diet (a diet is for a period & it ends and then you go back to your old habits) lifestyle change is a permanant change you are making – be positive, you can do it !

    Important, is to start a program that works for you and you will see results over time – don’t be in a rush – a combination of the above activites seem to have done it for me – I’m still on my journey and it looks all the better as the months pass.


  9. In 2009 November, I was drining so much water and urinating every minute, with dried lips, weak and went to the clinic and the doctor took my sugar level, and it was 29.5 and confirmed that I had diabetes type 2 after other tests. I was losing weight so fast and scared and imediately went for HIV test and it was negative, so I adhere to the doctor’s advice, took my glucophage twice daily, excise, sleep on time, changed my diet and followed the dietician list of what I can eat and what not, stoped ackohol and smoking, reduced my social outings, so that I dont get tempted to eat or drink what I should not. It was not easy at first, but am happy now and living well, though I still do have some pains sometimes. I also came manna products at Discam and I started uisng manna blood sugar support along with my clinic metformin tablets and it helps me a lot, and advice anyone out there in similar situation that you must not lose hope, so you can make it by excising, eating right diet.

  10. I was diagnosed with class B diabetes just over a year ago and got the fright of my life. The future looked really gloom and tied to medicine and other limitations.
    With a blood sugar count of over 32, halve blind, very tired, battling to concentrate and other effects which I did not relish, I had to proceed in life.
    Until this time in my life I have never experienced any major sicknesses, has never been hospitalized and started beginning to believe that I was indestructible at the age of 63.
    I was introduced to Manna Health and slowly my life returned to normal….or even better.
    Since then I have learned to listen to my body signals and do something about them.
    I started eating and drinking the right food and liquids, upped my exercise amount…playing more Golf..used the pills as described and carried on with life.
    Soon I realized that the medicine was not required at daily intervals anymore and with the aid of a blood sugar indicator,I started keeping records and cutting back on the medicine.
    It took 6 months to get to a stage where I no longer require any medicine, my sugar count remain under 8, I have much more energy than 10 years ago, my handicap has dropped by 6 strokes, my sight has returned to normal and my mind has been sharpened beyond belief.
    Today is my 64th birthday and I can say with the utmost honesty that I feel like I did in my forties.
    To every body out there….do not believe in all the doom and gloom about sickness and chronic medicines…..Believe in God… and listen to your body!!!!!!
    Regards to all and have a wonderful festive 2012 season.
    Paul Coetzer.
    082 3630467

  11. Hi, my son had a major op two years ago when he was 16, he was unable to go to school and had to stay at home for almost an entire year.
    This caused him to become quite depressed and resulted in him eating to feel better! He went from a healthy 60kg to 100kg! This made him more depressed and even when he resumed school, he felt miserable and unhappy. He started taking the Manna shake once a day, the Manna fat burner three times a day and started walking for an hour each day. Within 7 months, he had lost 40kg! He is now 18 and has kept the weight off for over a year. He has joined the gym and maintains his weight by regular exercise. I am really impressed with the results that he has achieved. Thank you Manna.

  12. On Monday August 20 2007 I was going about my normal busy business, running a medical recruitment business from my home, running a home with 2 almost adult children and was going for my first anniversary of having a wonderful man in my life when around ten am that morning an artery in my brain ruptured. I was given a 3% chance of survival at the time at Baragwaneth Hospital. Well 7 weeks later, I “woke up” wanting to go home, no headache etc and was discharged.
    We saw our family doctor a few months after this and I was told my cholesterol was off the chats, and I had Type two Diabetes.
    Hubby and I immediately changed our way of eating, I went onto Manna tablets and today I have a cholesterol level of 4.9 and no diabetes, but my fasting insulin levels are a bit raised at 12. We are back on Manna and loosing weight and controlling the insulin levels. A brilliant product which saves lives Thank you Manna

  13. I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes Oct 2011 at age 50. It forced me to change my lifestyle. By changing my eating habits only I lost 18 kg in 16 weeks. My sugar came down from 24 to 5.7 (6 months’ average) and sugar level is currently maintained below 6. I have started walking twice a day and do weight training at home.
    I see the diagnosis as being a blessing in disguise as I would never have changed my lifestyle if not diagnosed. Yes it is a discomfort and can be frustrating, but it can be managed

  14. need to tell you what the long term effects of these medications are (hair loss, weight gain, mobility problems (Fibromyalgia) to name but a few)

    I somehow stumbled on to your product and being absolutely desperate to find something to enhance my quality of life I started using it.

    All I can say is thanks to this product I have been cortizone and antibiotic free for more than a year now AND I USE NOTHING ELSE!

    I have not had sinus infection since I started using the Sinus Support, which is an absolute miracle.

    I truly believe in this product and have told many people about it, however, people seem to be very hesitant to order products on the internet and seems to have less faith in them as when it is sold by a pharmacy, which led me to belief that this product could have been a major success if it was sold alongside your blood sugar support pills at Dischem

    I told my doctor about this product, she happens to be a Homeopath and she told me that the medication she would mix for a patient, for sinus, is exactly what is in your product.

    I also use the blood sugar support, as I was diagnosed as being glucose intolerant, I have not had a sugar count higher than 4 ever since I started using your product I also use no other medication for this conditions.

    Thank you so much for the wonder products and I wish you luck in all your future endeavors.

    Yours faithfully

    Elize Eksteen

  15. I have been using the Manna Blood Sugar Support tablets regularly since January and have lost 3.2 kgs. I watch what i eat and i thank everyone at Manna for there help, love and support.

    I was recently diagnosed with high cholestrol and have started on the cholestrol tablets this week. I am confident that this will bring my reading within a normal range in 1 month.

    I have tried various slimming products, and none work, so thank you Manna for everything you do. You are a life saver. I still have 20kgs to lose, and have set myself this year to excercise and lose the weight.

    I have also started walking and feel so much more energised.

    All the Blessings to all the people at Manna. Firstly to God Our Heavenly Father for his healing over all of us and to all of you. Without the products we would all be making the doctors rich. I will keep you updated. I have total faith in all your products.

    Charmayne Oakes

  16. So many of us neglect our health when we are young. Rather invest in your health by developing a healthy eating pattern to grow old with – DIABETES IS SERIOUS! The culpret is much more LIFE STYLE than GENES! To change your life style when you are older is not easy! When you are young, 50 – 60 years of age seems to be so far away – well it is not! Constantly praying for others and feeding family and friends healthy, may be the best life style to choose.

  17. I am fat and suffer from gout. According to Manna, sugar is acidity. Sugar also affects your insulin which set your body into fat storing mode.
    I stopped using sugar. (no sugar in coffee or tea, no cold drinks, no fruit juices and no sweets or potato crisps except chocolate. I still eat chocolate) And no artificial sweeteners.
    I lost 5 kg in 3 weeks. I didn’t diet or exercise. No gout and no heartburn. I didn’t cut down on red meat. I still braai and drink beer (Windhoek Draft not lights).
    The swelling on my feet and lower legs are well down.
    I used no pills or other medication, I only stopped my sugar intake in drinks and sweets. Chocolate is not sweets, its chocolate, had a whole slab on Sunday and lots of cake last week (with icing).

    O’ I still read the Manna newsletter. If I follow Manna I could lose more weight but I love to eat. I plan to lose 50 kg in 2013. I made up my mind. Thanks to Manna for informing me about sugar.


  18. My story is pre-Manna. Married for 45 years then widowed, I was transformed into my inner self, you know that person who wants to be all things, but cannot because she is a wife, mother etc. Well, when the other me emerged I took control of my life, being single there was no-one to tell me what and when I could and shouldn’t do. I started pole dancing classes for exercise, and WOW, what a change, weight loss, more stamina, confidence and all the good things that are beneficial to your health, a year at gym did not achieve any of these so fast, 3 weeks saw a change. I was 61 years old, with osteo- arthritus in my hands above my thumb, but the workout has helped not hindered, I am now going on for 65 and still going strong, then came MANNA, and the recipes and shakes are fantastic, the cherry on the top, so to speak, so all of you out there, no matter what size, shape or health problems, if your doctor says you can you SHOULD, execise is one of the most important things along side MANNA, take charge of your life, no one else will! Enjoy, Charmaine

  19. I just want to give you guys a thumbs up for your quick delivery time. My order was placed on Wednesday and Thursday morning I got a lovely surprise on my desk of a box that I only expected towards the weekend. I would shopping online with you all the time because besides the speedy delivery I also scored on freebies plus I paid no delivery charge saving me a trip to the mall. I’m impressed and will definitely recommend your online service to friends and family. Well done!

  20. I have been using blood support and fat burner tablets for two weeks am shocked that I have lost 3.4 kilos without changing my eating habits however what I have noticed I do not have appetite I really have to force myself to eat. Not to mention the excellent service I received when I ordered the tablets online and I will keep you posted of my progress.

  21. Goeiemiddag
    Ek wil graag vir julle van my ongelooflike prestasie vertel maar is terselfdertyd baie beskeie hieroor want net uit eie krag sou ek dit nooit reggekry het nie. Ek is verlede jaar November gediagnoseer met pre-diabetes (het 118 kg geweeg) ‘n Drastiese lewensstylverandering was nodig wat beteken het dat my eetgewoontes verander moes word en glo my ek pluk die vrugte hiervan want in 5 maande se tyd het ek amper 30 kg verloor. Dit alles net deur te volhard met die nuwe dieet en te oefen. Ek het Saterdag gaan weeg en weeg nou tussen 91 en 93 kg. Ek moet se ek voel rerig soos ‘n ander mens en kan dit duidelik agterkom in my hele menswees! Dit was tot dusver (en glo my my moeilike dae kry ek nog steeds) alles die moeite werd en dit se ek as gevolg van die feit dat ek so goed voel en daar so baie ander aspekte in my lewe verander het – alles ten goede en ek sien beslis kans om die laaste 12 kg ook te verloor.


  22. hello – i have been taking the manna blood sugar tablets for about three weeks now and i feel fantastic!!
    i already see a difference in my tummy – which is not so bloated! i dont have cravings at all! and i dont eat junk food…and that is a bonus! i feel alive and energetic. i have set my goal and looking forward to it – thank you manna for a wonderful product….

  23. I was perusing the internet when I found your detox details and tried it out 3 months ago. I am now delighted that I lost 6 kgs quite effortlessly. I am encouraged to keep it up even tho I have now reached a plateau with only 4 or 5 more kgs to go. Incidentally weight loss was the side effect as I had decided to try to try be healthier as many of my friends were falling ill. Thanks Manna

  24. Hi,I’m 44 years old woman I just start the detox program and today is my 7th day, I can not express how happy are I’m just knowing that by eating healthy would make me feel great and confident about myself
    I run a travel agency in Johannesburg and one day a client of mine looked at me and sad Maria I never know you like this and she add go to the internet and look for Dunk-an Diet and try it and so I did on the very next day, WOW is the word i can and must use for this time of my life ( WOW AND WOW ) thank you Manna,GOD BLESS YOU ALL

  25. Dear Manna

    I want to share my story with you.

    I was 87 kilograms for as long as I can remember. It all happend in May 2013…

    My son won an all inclusive prize to Zambia for 4 days and we had an awesome holiday visiting Victoria Falls and then we went on for 3 weeks on a family vacation to Durban meeting up with my husband and kids. We ate the “best”of foods, beryani, curries, rotis, pickles, cokes, cakes and all that is scrumptious. I did not feel too good after drinking lots of water, waking up 6 times at night to pass urine and having a yeast infection. I never thought it was strange, just thinking hmm that was a mean curry! and it attributed me to being so thirsty. We then went to visit family members and I was feeling a bit exhausted, and said to my nephew, can you please test my blood sugar as i’m not feeling good. I think this must have been intervention as how on earth could I get to ask that question as the only time i tested it was for fun once upon a time when it was a perfect 5.

    I got the fright of my life when the reading was 28.9! i thought surely that machine is broken. I asked him to retest it again and it showed once more 28.9! Trouble in the land i thought oh my Word! i am going to die, have my legs amputated, be thin and be classified as the most feared words D I A B E T I C
    Both my parents who are now late, had this dreaded disease. My world just crumbled. I was so sad, I did not even eat the tasty samoosas on offer, the sweet tea and the treats.

    We went to the doctor and he gave me insulin, he said i must return again the next day. It was again at 26 and I was despondent. He gave me insulin again and said when I return to Cape Town, i must see a doctor. I arrived back on 26 May and decided this is going to be my life changing time. I google high blood sugar levels and came across many websites, but the one website that I was so impressed with, was the Manna site. I giggled and thought to myself, this surely is Manna from heaven!

    I read about all the signs of diabetes on the site, and from the 26th May up till today, I stopped eating sugar, milk, meat, cakes, bread, pasta, cokes, juices, pizzas, chips, sweets and started to drink black rooibos, carrot juice, apple & tomato juice & eat chicken, fish fresh fruit and veges. BUTTER was my best, i used to cook my onions in butter, and after the food was cooked, I would add blotches of butter to it to make it more “tastier” that was the secret ingredient in my food as everyone used to say my food was the best. I used to eat really thick butter on my bread and also add it to the rice when eating. Others say they are debt free, I now say to all, I am butter free!

    I have lost 9 kgs in 2 months and have never felt better. My skirts fall off as well as my pants. It was and still is a struggle as I have a large family with kids who loves to eat “good” food, but I am hoping to lead them on to the Healthy way of eating too.. I at least replaced sunflower oil with Olive oil and have lessened the use of butter. Previously, 500g of butter used to last me 2 days. Now, I save on buying R30.00 butter for 2 days instead it lasts a week or more!

    Thank You Manna, you are indeed sent from Heaven.


  26. Ek is Noy van Rensburg en wil graag my verhaal met julle deel. Ek is tans 54 jaar oud. In 2008 het ek ‘n heupvervanging gehad as gevolg van arteritis en moet nou gaan vir my ander heup. Verlede jaar was ek gediagnoseer met kanker en met ons Heer se genade en bystand is ek tans in remissie en weet dat ek volkome kanker vry is want my God doen niks half nie. My probleem is dat ek eet – eet as ek gelukkig is – eet as ek hartseer is – eet as ek bang is. En die dag as ek lekker voel dan eet ek eers. So julle kan raai dat ek goed oorgewig is. Toe in Augustus 2013 plaas my Heer ‘n engel op my pad en so hoor ons van Manna. Ek is nou op die detox (dag 5) en drink Isolean en raai wat?????????? Ek het reeds 3 kilo’s verloor. Dit maak aan my nie saak of dit water of wat dit is wat verloor is nie. Die skaal sê 3 kilo’s en ek is dankbaar. Ek is nou twee weke op Manna produkte en voel vir die eerste keer in jare of ek lewe en nie net bestaan nie. Die pyn van die arteritis is ook beter. Ek weet daar is nog ‘n lang pad voor, maar ek weet ek kan dit oorwin. Ek het kanker oorwin, ek het op gehou met rook, en met die genade van my God en hierdie wonderlike produk gaan ek vet ook oorwin. Ek bid vir almal wat hierdie pad loop.

  27. Hi Noy
    Dit is vir my ongelooflik inspirerend gewees om joe storie te lees. Dit maak my ongelooflik dankbaar dat ek gesond is, nie oorgewig is nie. Ek het wel hoë Cholestrol, wat geen mens weet waar dit vandaan kom nie. Ek is nou 47 en in daardie stage van my lewe. Ek het so ekstra tjoepie hier om die maag bygekry waarvan ek graag wil ontslae raak. Vir iemand wat haar hele lewe nie hoef te ge worry het wat sy eet nie, is dit nogal ‘n downer om daai rolletjie te voel, en all of a sudden muffin heupe te hê. Ek het ook op die manna produkte afgekom en vir my die fat burner en die sugar support bestel. Ek is nou maar 3 dae op die produkte en voel al klaar ‘n honderd maal beter en nie meer soos ‘n blaasoppie nie. Ek wens jou alle sterkte toe en glo in die genesende krag van God. Jy is ‘n yster!

    • Hanli, baie dankie vir jou inspirasie – dit word ongelooflik waardeer. Party dae is dit maar moeilik maar dan kry ‘n mens so ‘n boodskap van ‘n medegelowige en dan besef ons maar net weer dat daar ander ouens is wat ook maak probleme het en sukkel met die gesondheid. Baie sterkte vir jou en ek hoop dit gaan wonderlik met jou.

    • Goeie middag Hanli

      Ek hoop jy is nog positief met die Manna produkte en dat die ou rolletjie waarvan jy praat al besig is om te groet.
      Wel ek kan darem met groot vreugde meedeel dat ek nou al 8 kilos verloor het en al kaar baie beter voel. Hier produk is regtig soos Manna uit die hemel. Ek kan nie genoeg vir my Skepper dankie sê vir Sy bystand en ondersteuning nie. Baie sterkte Hanli en laat weet hoe dit met jou gaan.

  28. Ek het 3weke terug begin op die shake. Die 1ste week was moeilik en was moeg maar na die 2de week het ek so energie en ek het al 2kg verloor. Dit is wonderlike shake – jammer ek het nie lank al dit gebruik nie. Dankie Manna

  29. Today is my fifth day on the Detox Plan. I must say, the first two days was the worst for me. I am thefirst to wake in the morning and have my breakfast (usually Cornflakes) before 6am as I leave just after. I have a cup of coffee when I get to work, and then I am ready to start my day. But I had to adjust, and I am not sorry. Besides the first two days of headaches, I was not depriving myself of food, and as soon as I felt a bit hungry, out came the carrot sticks. I just bought the Sugar Blood Control tabs n placed an order for the shake. I lost 1.5 kg thus far and I WANT to loose much more. The carrot juice is just the best. I even have my kids having half a glass in the morning.
    Thank you Manna

  30. Ek het gaan rondkrap op die internet vir hulp met gewigsverlies. Ons woon op die platteland en baie ver van verskaffers en winkels af. Ry een keer per maand om inkopies te gaan doen. Wel, ek het ‘n ergstige rugbesering opgedoen en was verlam. Moes vir 6 maande plat le en het in daardie tyd massa by my liggaam gevoel, juis omdat ek nie beweeglik of produktief was nie. Ek kan al vir 6 maande met gemak loop, maar het nog nie volle gebruik van my ledemate nie. Die gesondheidsprogram wat jul aanbied is ‘n treffer. Die kos is vullend en ek het ‘n nuwe liefde ontdek ……”smoothies”. My daaglikse roetine oefening is 30 min strawwe oefening en 30 minute stap. Ongelukkig kon ek nie jul produk bekom nie, maar omdat ek gedermineerd is om weer my normale liggaamsgewig te herstel, het ek geeet soos jul aanbeveel het. 0y Dr skryf Glucophage voor want ek raak aan tipe 2 Diabetes a.g.v. die skok van die fratsongeluk. Tot dusver het ek reeds 11kg verloor in 37dae en voel ongeloofllik gesond. Dit werk vir my. Baie dankie!

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  32. Ek sukkel al so lank om die ekstra 30kg wat ek saamdra af te skud. Ek het al die dieet foefies en truuks probeer. En moenie eers praat van die ‘nuutste wonderpil’ nie. Ai die geld en tyd en trane wat ek gemors het, sonder enige sukses. Ek het al maande terug julle ‘website’ gesien en gedink ek moet maar ‘n kans vat en julle produkte probeer…maar ek het nie, want ek het gedink ag tog dit sal nie werk nie. Vroeer die week het ek weer na julle blad gekyk en deeglik alles gelees. Ek het besluit ek sal julle dieet en produkte probeer, ek bedoel ek het al die ander probeer, hoekom nie julle s’n ook nie. So gisteroggend het ek begin om julle ‘Blood sugar support’ tablette te gebruik. Nou dink julle seker, okay, dis net ‘n dag later wat kan ek dan nou al rapporteer…. Wel laat ek net verduidelik, ek het altyd ‘cravings’ gehad en ek het vas geglo ek moet elke 2 uur eet. Sien, dis vir my bloedsuiker….Ja dis slegs die 2de dag dat ek julle produk gebruik en ek het nog nie een ‘craving’ gehad nie. Gisteraand het ek net ‘n klein bordjie kos gehad met die porsie groottes soos julle voorskryf (geen 2de skeppies soos altyd nie) Ek het gaan slaap en nie een keer wakker geword met hongerpyne nie. En vanoggend het ek ‘n gebalanseerde ontbyt geeet en dis nou al ure later en ek is nog nie eers weer honger nie. Net ‘n paar dae gelede sou ek al teen die tyd alles geeet het waarop ek my hande kon le. Wow, ek kan nie wag om te sien hoe ek oor ‘n week of ‘n maand gaan voel en lyk nie! So aan die begin van my nuwe leefstyl weeg ek 89kg, maar ek weet dit gaan baie vinnig verminder. Sal julle op hoogte hou. Sterkte aan al die ander ‘Manna’ manne en vroue daar buite. Kom ons leef almal gesonder!

  33. Hi is al n maand op die Shake en Blood Sugar support tablette. Het nog geen gewig verloor nie maar voel goed. Sal hierdie maand vir my die slimming tablette ook kry. Het heelwat gewig om te verloor. Gebruik ook die resepte en vind dit fantasties. Baie dankie. Lekker naweek aan almal.

  34. Wondelike stories vol inspirasie. Ek het my produkte gister ontvan deur die pos en gaan vandag my inkopied doen. kan nie wag om te begin nie . Dankie vir die 10% afslag ek gaan sonder ander produkte bo ander produkte koop. Daar gaan ek …

  35. Just reading through these testimonies makes me smile, because i started using the Blood Sugar support tablets a couple of months ago, and feel fantastic. Im diabetic, have high cholesterol and have Fibromyalgia(lots of pain involved as well as extreme fatigue). Lately i feel wonderful, have loads of energy, people tell me every day i look so healthy, and i can only vouched for the Manna products. This is one tablet i wont be without at all! I can’t remember when last i had pain and i sleep like a baby at night! Thank you so much for introducing me to Manna products and keep up the good work!

  36. I am diabetic and have used a lot of medication but there was little hope. In February i visited my doctor and the machine test read “H 1”. I went back after a week whilst on doctors medication and it read “H 1”. Thus i was getting worried and i went to the clinic, there the machine tested 32.6. after three repeated visits to the doctor i only drop to 23.0. I bought Manna blood sugar from Clicks Mabopane on 16.05.2015, to my surprise the machine is testing 8.1. The doctor is worried that the reading is dropping too fast that i can be sick.
    Manna has turned my sadness to satisfaction in just a matter of time.

  37. My mom is diabetic, and the second half of last year her diabetes was uncontrollable. She was moved from tablets to injections, and that when I decided to supplement her medication with Diabetec Support tablets from Manna. After a month her daily readings reduced fron the 20s to less than 9. She is still on the injection, as she is older (68). But these tablets have introduced stability and reduced stress in her life.

  38. Hallo. I’ve started using Manna tablets in July 2014 + still use it daily. I have lost 6kg in less than a year without going on diet. It does regulate my blood sugar levels and I feel fuller for longer. Also since I’ve been on Manna I have never been sick at all!!! Not even a cold in winter!!! WOW!!! It realy does wonders to strengthen and maintain your immune system + general health. Many thanks!!! 🙂 Sureida Pienaar – Tamboerskloof

  39. Sjoe ek het nou deur die getuinise gelees wat Manna aan die mensdom doen dit is goed om te lees Ek het so seer been en baie erg geswel my chrio praktisyn se sy vermoed ek het n bloedklont in my been my bloed sirkulasie is nie reg nie uit raadeloosheid het ek gegoogle en kom toe op die Manna bloedsirkulasie tabalette se advertensie af het begin drink en my been nie meer geswel nie was vir n scan vir bloedklont het geen bloedklont nie Dankie vir Manna en dankie my God. Ek gaan nou vir my die gut support koop sukkel met my dik derm Groete Ans

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