Gut & Candida

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  • Size: 60 Capsules Gut Support and 90 Capsules Candida Support
  • Made in South Africa
  • GMP Quality Standards
  • Pure grade materials All tested for purity
  • Money back Guarantee
  • Diabetic Friendly

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Gut Support

Product contains: Probiotic blend, Digestive Enzyme Blend and Glutamine.


  • Helps to reinstate gut flora & digestive enzymes.
  • Helps to improve gut health and immune system.
  • Suitable for weight loss, PCOS, IBS, Insulin Resistance, Diabetes, Candida, Infertility, Psoriasis, High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol.
  • The different ingredients work in a synergistic manner to balance the microorganisms in the gut.

Digestive Enzymes assist in the break-down of food, Probiotics provide ‘friendly’ intestinal flora that protect the intestines against harmful bacteria, and L-Glutamine assists with the renewal of the lining of the digestive tract.


Only if allergic to ingredients
Pregnancy and lactation


Manna GUT Support is a nutritional supplement and not a medicine

Dosage & Directions for Use

2 capsules with breakfast

Works best with the Manna Diet.

Pack Size

60 Capsules

Manna Candida Support:

  • Helps to Balance Blood Sugar
  • Restricts Fungal Growth
  • Anti-oxidant Effect attacks fungus
  • Direct Antifungal effect


The different ingredients work holistic to attack fungal growth.


Allergy to the ingredients
A serious heart condition


Manna Candida Support is a nutritional supplement and not a medicine

Dosage & Directions for Use

1 Capsule 3 times per day, with food

Pack Size:

90 Capsules

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Additional information

Weight 400 g

3 reviews for Gut & Candida

  1. Veronica

    Uiteindelik iets wat vir die kolon werk sonder dat dit my ‘n arm en ‘n been kos. Uitstekende produk.Geen gevroetel met die klere omdat die magie so opgeblaas is nie. Werklike verligting met opgeblaasdheid. Wonderlike produk met wonderlike resultate!!

  2. Lydia (verified owner)

    Wonderlike produk met wonderlike resultate.

  3. Bambi (verified owner)

    Thank you for these wonderfull products

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