Nutritional Value:

Kilojoules                                                        1080 (kj/100g)

Protein                                                                 14 (g/100g)

Carbohydrates (fructose)                                   48 (g/100g)

Fat (mono unsaturated)                                     2.3(g/100g)

Dietary Fiber                                                   26.5(g/100g)


Calcium (Ca)                                                                    177.6(mg/100g)

Iron (Fe)                                                         33.0(mg/100g)

Magnesium (Mg)                                    104.6(mg/100g)

Manganese (Mn)                                       1.3(mg/100g)

Potassium (K)                                        2650(mg/100g)

Zinc (Zn)                                                        3.10(mg/100g)

Saccharides (Sugars) in Manna™

Fucose                                                               0.25(g/100g)

Arabinose                                                        1.56(g/100g)

Xylose                                                                0.19(g/100g)

Mannose                                                         46.28(g/100g)

Galactose                                                       33.97(g/100g)

Glucose                                                             0.93(g/100g)

Note: This product is a legume-based product

and the Galactose is from a plant and not dairy.

Vitamins in Manna™

E                                                                          5 (mg/100g)

B1                                                                      1.9 (mg/100g)

B2                                                                      0.6 (mg/100g)

B6                                                                  2.35 (mg/100g)

Nicotinic acid                                            15.0 (mg/100g)

C                                                                   210  (mg/100g)

Folic acid                                                      0.69 (mg/100g)

Calcium pantothenate                                  17.1 (mg/100g)

Amino Acids in Manna™

Aspartic acid                         0.447(mg/100g)

Threonine                                                       0.088(mg/100g)

Serine                                                             0.143(mg/100g)

Glutamic acid                                                 0.791(mg/100g)

Proline                                                            0.539(mg/100g)

Glycine                                                           0.190(mg/100g)

Alanine                                                            0.178(mg/100g)

Valine                                                              0.265(mg/100g)

Methionine                                                     0.015(mg/100g)

Isoleucine                                                       0.294(mg/100g)

Leucine                                                           0.869(mg/100g)

Tyrosine                                                         0.456(mg/100g)

Phenylalanine                                                 0.440(mg/100g)

Histidine                                                         0.324(mg/100g)

Lysine                                                             0.651(mg/100g)

Arginine                                          1.285(mg/100g)


Manna™ is endorced by the Glycemic Index Foundation of South Africa

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