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Low GI Shake

Natural & Organic

Chocolate Shake

A meal replacement formulated with all the essential nutrients and vitamins:

  • Health. Slows the uptake of sugar in the bloodstream.
  • Energy & Cravings. Helps control food cravings and energy levels.
  • Diabetes. Helps manage your blood sugar levels.

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blood sugar support available at these pharmacies
Anonymous,Low GI Shake

"When my mom was diagnosed with diabetes 2 years ago I was encouraged to find more information about it. I came across Manna website which I then subscribed to. I decided to try the shake 3 weeks ago and I’ve already seen a difference in how my clothes fit me. I am not ready to weigh myself yet however I love the fact that I do no crave for sweets anymore. Great stuff and I will recommend to all my friends.”

*Results may vary from person to person

Who can Use Manna Low GI Shake?

Weight Loss

Those wanting to lose weight

Food cravings are directly related to unbalanced glucose levels. Stable blood glucose levels help to control food cravings and suppress appetite, causing you to eat less.

Pregnant blood sugar

Pregnant women

Pregnant and breastfeeding woman with diabetes cannot take medication to control their blood sugar levels. The Manna Low GI shake is beneficial for mother and child during this time.


Children of all ages

· Children are active throughout the day and need sustainable energy.



Sustain energy & maintain blood glucose levels with Low GI Shake.



Vegetarians and vegans struggle to find meal replacements which suit their needs. Manna Health brings you a shake which is vegan friendly as well as being lactose free, gluten free and soy free.



It is a daily struggle for diabetes to maintain even blood sugar levels while snacking. Trust the Manna Low GI Shake to assist you in maintaining adequate glucose levels.

Our supplements have been trialed & tested by:

  • The University of the Free State (dietetics department)
  • The University of Pretoria (dietetics department)
  • The Glycemic Index Foundation of South Africa (2005 & 2009)
  • The Medical Research Council of South Africa, published in: (Journal of Ethnopharmacology 137 (2011) 298– 304 & CARDIOVASCULAR JOURNAL OF AFRICA · Vol 24, No 2, March 2013).
blood sugar support available at these pharmacies

What People Are Saying


"I will definitely recommend this product to anyone interested in maintaining their weight."

​* Results may vary from person to person

Debbie Jacobs

"The Manna Shake is the best. Excellent for breakfast when you are in a rush. Does stop your cravings and I find I don’t pick on food all day."

​* Results may vary from person to person

Manna Low GI Shake is made using 100% organic mesquite (prosopis) powder. With 6 essential sugars, vitamins, minerals, fibres & 17 amino acids which have been tested by the Glycemic Index Foundation of South Africa and has been proven to reduce the GI of any food by 43%.

How it Works  Guar gum has been added to assist in glucose absorption and therefore can support even blood sugar levels. Manna’s Low GI Shake works to control cravings and blood sugar levels, helping you lose weight and manage your diabetes.

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Manna Health Low GI Shake

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